Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Is it a surprise that the insulting New Labour ideas for the Popes visit to Britain was concocted by a FOREIGNER not of the CATHOLIC FAITH.

Anjoum Noorani, the diplomat who has been disciplined over a Foreign Office memo mocking the Pope.
The Establishment is now jam packed full of Asians mainly of the Muslim faith, an ANTI-CHRISTIAN FAITH.
These are the people who are running, sorry, RUINING our country.
Because like New Labour they are an ENEMY TO BRITAIN AND HER PEOPLE.

These TRAITORS have been put in major positions of power in this country and New Labour has embedded them in ALL HIGH POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY.
The sooner the BNP get elected the sooner this sort of scum will be removed from office and repatriated to their MOTHER COUNTRIES.

Anjoum Noorani, 31, was the leader of the Papal Visit Team which drew up a document suggesting the Pope should launch his own range of “Benedict” condoms, open an abortion clinic and stay in a council flat in Bradford.

Mr Noorani, whose identity has until now remained secret, was moved to “other duties” after he gave authorisation for the memo to be sent to Downing Street and three Whitehall departments." [...]

The memo, which also called for the Pope to bless a homosexual marriage, was emailed around Whitehall by Steven Mulvain, a 23-year-old Oxford graduate who describes his sexual orientation on a social networking website as “gay”.

Senior members of the church have described Mr Noorani and his team as having “not the slightest understanding of Catholicism”. None of the four-strong group is thought to be a practising Catholic.

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