Saturday, 24 April 2010


Locally there have been or are to be several "hustings" in church properties where the various political parties can give their views.
However alone among the parties the BNP has not been invited, indeed some of these "Christian" leaders have published a letter in the local press asking people to vote against the BNP.
This shows firstly a contempt for democracy, and I hope an ignorance of what our party stands for.
We are THE ONLY party which endorses Christianity and wishes to preserve the predominantly Christian society which has served us so well for centuries.
Churches are empty, largely as a result of these misguided fools, and are increasingly being turned into mosques, seemingly without these so called "Christian" priests complaining.
Also Christians in muslim lands are increasingly persecuted and even killed.

At the present rate of colonisation of our country by muslims within 30 years ALL our churches could be turned into mosques, their Christian interiors desecrated and ancient graveyards bulldozed into car parks so that the new occupants can practice their religion, a religion alien to this land.
Senior muslims have stated that their aim is to take over Britain.

These so called "Christian"vicars and priests would be better employed encouraging people to vote BNP to avoid this scenario. They are either too unworldly or thick to realise the threat from islam.
Our forebears fought two world wars to save us from invasion by alien cultures but these idiots seem complicit in the destruction of all our heroes died for.

We as a party will keep going in spite of these priests. We have the determination they lack.
They would do well to learn and follow that hymn.


Silly Kuffar said...

Pro-Mohammed = Anti-Christ !

bertie bert said...

BBC TWO Newsnight Nick Griffin interview 24th April 2010

Anonymous said...


Another, good read.

Always common sense and straight talking.