Sunday, 11 April 2010


If you live in the Leigh constituency, then this might be of particular interest to you. But if you live elsewhere in the Wigan borough and thus have a NewLayabout M.P. then it is also of interest because it shows how low that party will sink in order to hang onto power and all the personal goodies this can bring if you don't mind stealing from the public.

Actually, it probably doesn't quite show how low that appalling party can sink to because there's a few weeks of campaigning still to go. How much will you bet that this disgraceful crew can sink a lot lower before the election is over?

The row erupted after Labour sent cancer patients mailshots saying that their lives may be at risk under a Conservative government.

Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Health Secretary, said: “It is shameful that the Labour Party, knowing that we are the only party that is going to increase investment in the NHS, have decided to deliberately scare patients and misrepresent what we have said.

“I’m actually rather shocked that they are trying to target breast cancer patients and alarm them by making up stories about what the Conservative Party would do. 

“I think Andy Burnham, the Health Secretary, should write to every woman Labour sent these cards to apologise and withdraw these claims.”

Do read the whole thing here, but do be aware that a SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING comes with this recommendation.

More here - with another language warning. 


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