Saturday, 27 March 2010



Henry Porter serves up another reminder of just how much the UK is aping the defunct DDR.
The last days of this dreadful government are being accompanied by an attack on rights and privacy that seems unprecedented during Labour’s 13-year rule.
The government is now drawing up plans to amend the Postal Services Act to allow tax inspectors to intercept and open people’s mail before it is delivered. Given the state’s ambitions to collect all communications data this is hardly surprising, but we must ask ourselves how many more rights are seized by government and its agencies before Britain becomes the GDR’s most obvious European imitator.
Who would have thought, in the dying years of the 20th Century, that the United Kingdom would slide inexorably into acquiescent totalitarianism by the end of the first decade of the 21st? Not by the gun, the bullet or the bomb; not by armed insurrection or war; but for the chiiiiilllldreeen, for health and safety – oh, yes, most certainly safety, for it is a human right these days to be safe. Safe from the monsters under the bed. Safe from the bad people who say things that might upset us. Safe from offence or, horror of horrors, lack of respect. Safe from things that might happen and we must all be controlled, just so that they don’t – even if they weren’t going to anyway; just to be sure. And we must be made safe from ourselves, because, like naughty children, we are too fat, too thin, eat too much salt, eat the wrong size chips – and too many of them, drink too much alcohol and smoke like a 19th Century Blackburn mill. So we must be told what to eat, how much to eat, what we must not eat – and certainly, oh, most certainly, no tobacco, no alcohol and no mind-altering substances. We, the good little proles under the all-seeing all-benevolent eye of the brave New Labour project, must live forever in brain-dead tedium; our bodies temples of radiant health and fitness as dictated by our all-knowing, all-wise masters in Westminster, who know better than we what is in our best interests.


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It might make a difference morg,if we stopped behaving like children,stood up on our hind legs and ripped the guts out of these communist scum,that is after we have watched our negroes play thier negroes ,got pissed and proclaim that "it can never happen here"