Thursday, 25 March 2010

Terror threat questioned by committee

New labour has claimed that every year since 2001 the UK has faced a "Public Emergency" every year .

"Since September 11th 2001 the Government has continuously justified many of its counter-terrorism measures on the basis that there is a public emergency threatening the life of the nation. We question whether the country has been in such a state for more than eight years. "

"This permanent state of emergency inevitably has a deleterious effect on public debate about the justification for counter-terrorism measures. ..."

"The question is, are the counterterror measures we have in place justifiable, on an ongoing basis, in light of the most up to date information we have.

"The idea that we have consistently faced an emergency level threat for over eight years since September 11 is, we believe, questionable."

Now unless your talking about the man made flood in Cumbria last year and the closing down of vast swathes of the UK due to the last winter, I can't particularly remember any other "Public Emergency".

The Governments latest claim of a threat to the UK by Islamists with a Nuclear "Dirty Bomb" now begins to resemble the scaremongering that is a New Labour trait.
Keep them (the public) so scared that they will accept Totalitarian rule in the Guise of the Civil Contingencies Act.

Now the Government need certain events to happen, like acts of Terror, Civil Unrest, Racial Unrest acts of which the EDL and UAF have not quite managed to pull off, though the authorities have tried to inflame the situation, check out the EDL/UAF demo outside Parliament, where both sets of demonstrators were herded and corralled next to each other with only small roadside barriers seperating them. An aside from this is the fact that all protests or demos outside Parliament were banned by New Labour years ago. What was the exception for this demo ?

The only threat this country faces is from New Labour. Every Terrorist act commited in this country can be placed fairly and squarely at the doors of Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Straw, Harman etc.

How can you trust known TRAITORS ?

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