Thursday, 11 March 2010



Several Party members have received payments totalling in the teens of thousands following their wrongful arrests in 2008 by Merseyside police.
This is good news for democracy and should be a lesson to the PC fascists controlling the police, that we will resist their Stazi style tactics and wherever possible exact revenge.
In a way this has been good for our party bringing in much needed cash to fight this oppression (and of course paying for well deserved holidays for those wrongfully arrested).

There are more cases pending of people being taken from their homes on spurious charges so that the chief police officers can curry favour with their political bosses. We of course shall be seeking redress in these cases as well.
Unfortunately the taxpayer has to foot the bill. If justice were to be done it should be the chief constables or their politcal paymasters Labour and the Tories who paid it.

There have been other infringements of our liberty closer to home and these will also be contested vigorously and again redress sought.

These underhanded tactics only harden our determination to combat our country's progression to a police state.
As the great Issac Newton stated "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", and there will be from us if we are oppressed.

Don't get me wrong. We are in favour of policing and the maintenance of law and order but when this noble aim is subverted for political motives the concept loses its validity and people lose their respect for the police.
The police are EMPLOYED BY THE PEOPLE to protect us from crime. We are therefore their bosses and they should do what WE want rather than serve the political agenda dictated by the government.

Lay off decent people and uphold justice PLEASE.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the BNPers on their bonanza.

Our Police 'service' today serves the Establishment. I reckon they would shame the East German Stasi with today's modern methods of intimidation and harassment.

Sir Robert Peel would have been the first person to go after corrupt MPs and Judges. Yet today, it is the very police force that has been corrupted, with too many of the 'Common Purpose charity' led iniatives all protected by a private company called ACPO.

We need a total wipeout of Parliament and only then can the other services be looked at.

Too many of the Establishment feeding from the same basket for my liking.


"for every action,there is a re-action,which is equal and opposite"