Monday, 29 March 2010


What a waste of time. The debate of the three financial leaders of the "big three parties" was so boring and devoid of asnwers I switched it off before it finished.
Talk of saving 5 billion here and "efficiency savings" there and fiddling about with a few taxes will do little to reduce the £168 BILLION government deficit we have had thrust on us by this incompetent government.

The tragedy is that the opposition has little idea what do do about it apart from fiddling around the edges.
Even a modest reduction in borrowing will lead to a larger debt next year.
Who do they borrow this money from?

The government printed £200 BILLION last year. What did they do with it?
I'm no economist but perhaps somebody might help me in this but if the creation of money is so simple why did the government not pay its debt with this "created wealth"
I suppose they gave it to their friends in the city to lend out at high rates of interest, leaving us to pick up the pieces.
An easy way to reduce borrowing would be to pull out of Afganistan, the EU and stop foreign aid.

These three alone would reduce our borrowing by 2/3.
The government talks of cutting inefficiency as an aim, but this is seldom achieved.They think by cutting costs this way a rise in unemployment could be avoided, failing to see that efficiency requires fewer workers and thus increases unemployment.

Unless there is a sea change in the way our country's finances are arranged we are doomed as a nation, and only the BNP has the answers.
Don't believe me? Nick Griffin foresaw this unforseen crash 4 years ago unlike senior members of all the other parties.

Meanwhile a little bird tells me Fazakerley Hospital has a ward dedicated to Somalis with TB, a disease we thought we had eradicated from this country. The cost of treating immigrants is becoming a huge burden on the NHS and a threat to our health.

SCENE IN A DOCTORS WAITING ROOM. This is a true story.

A foreigner walks into a doctors surgery and says "I want see doctor " The receptionist says he must wait his turn, about 15 minutes.
The foreigner replies "I not wait I see doctor NOW"
This request is refused and a few minutes the foreigner is called in to see the doctor. He then replies "I on phone. Tell doctor wait".

This typifies the arrogence and demanding attitude of these people who have invited theirselves to take advantage of our services.
No wonder people are fed up and turning to the BNP and think immigration is our main problem.

Yes we expect the smear stories to begin in earnest any day now but in view of the corruption and incompetence of the other parties I am not too worried and in any case they have nothing new to throw at us,so


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