Tuesday, 9 March 2010


"Will the BNP be standing in the council area I live in"? I have often been asked.

The answer is probably yes. We are aiming to stand in as many seats as possible and maybe all if we can get enough candidates.
So far we are doing well and we have had several people in the last few days, fed up with council corruption and inefficiency wanting to stand.
We will be in all regions of the borough thus giving voters their first chance to casr their vote for a party which represents them.

It is a far cry from 6 years ago when the local Labour influenced media crowed that "the BNP has been kicked out".

We have not been kicked out and are many times stronger than in what seem like those far off days.

In spite of the worst efforts of the larger parties and their media lackeys to portray us in a bad light people are waking up to the fact that we are just like them.

We want what is best for OUR town and OUR people and to wrest control from the bankers and "non doms" whose money influences our national and local life to the detriment of the ordinary person.

So there you are. We are standing in as many seats as possible but there are still a few spaces we are trying to fill.
If you are a party member and want to help your town please ring me on 07779 321542.

It is easy to stand and we will give you all the help you need.


Sir Henry Morgan said...


I am, again, Election Agent (and Proposer) for all BNP candidates in this borough. I expect to be doing the election administration for 25 local election candidates and three general election candidates.

Our aim is to have an option on every ballot paper for the electorate to exercise a vote for genuine change i.e. the option of voting BNP.

If you would like to see a restarting of the coal mining industry, then you know who to vote for. When Thatcher killed the mining industry, she didn't eliminate - or even reduce - the use of coal in this country - she merely forced Britain to pay foreigners for their coal. So what was the point behind it other than to attack the working man

Vote BNP.


Sir Henry Morgan said...
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