Monday, 1 March 2010


The proposals to remove 25,000 local authority from the workforce seems good at first. We need to cut waste and taxes.
But which workers would be made redundant?
You can bet it will be the care workers and not the overpaid and underworked Town Hall staff, diversity coordinators and outreach workers and the various inspectors which are such a hinderance to industry.
basically these positions are not services but a drag on taxpayers.

I accept that there is a lot of waste. I also accept that radical pruning of staff will make the recession worse.
So don't sack them. Just give them a proper job to do so we get some return for our money.
The overstaffed legions of inspectors should be given jobs in the fields they inspect.
Also the roads are full of potholes.

Surely a cheaper way of dealing with this is to buy some barrows, shovels and tarmac and send these people out to do a proper job repairing the roads.
Parking meter little Hitlers could be given the job of creating parking spaces and PCSOs could be given more useful jobs like litter picking or helping old people while probation officers could have a birch to use to correct the muggers, thus reducing prison costs.

Of course their salaries would have to be cut to the going rate but at least they would have the satisfaction of contributing to society rather than leeching from it--and we would get a return for our money.

Sorry Elliot I include you in this restructuring but I'm sure a bit of hard work would make you a lot fitter and there would be no need for you to go to the gym.


Road_Hog said...

Spot on, but you know in your heart of hearts that it will be the diversity training instructors that will be kept on.

Silly Kuffar said...

It's not just the Roads which are a disgrace.
Flagged pavements are also in a state. Some of that can be put down to the Winter, freezing water underneath paving flags have raised many and after the thaw these flags have dropped and cracked.
No doubt we will not see any improvement of Road and Pavements which have been neglected for some time.
I bet your Council Tax rises to help pay for all the Little-Hitlers perks.