Monday, 8 February 2010



Anyone who knows me knows I could have said this.

By thinking for yourself enough to be a BNPer, you're already half way there.

Quite proud to say I got my five-year badge today. But I've been without TV for fifteen years - and even before that I only had one because the wife wanted it ... and even then she used to give me a hard time because my "nose is always in a book".

Think for yourself! Don't think  what ANYONE else tells you, not even me or Mr Griffin, (but ESPECIALLY the TV) - decide for yourself - THINK for yourself. You have a brain - USE it. BNP members are already half way there.



Dr Chris Hill said...

(this is somewhat off topic I know, but I think it needs to be said)

The claim of Parliamentary privilege by three MPs and a Lord, in the current expenses scandal, has been followed by demands from the likes of the Lib Dems to redefine this right. Sounds good and who could argue that the people who make the law should have to abide by it, and I too would agree if the people in parliament rewriting this law were honest, but they're not. The right to speak freely in parliament about the problems both immigration and Islam have brought to our shores, without the risk of prosecution, will be important when the first UKIP or BNP MP is elected. But I fear this freedom of speech is, rather than a desire to clean up their act, maybe the real target of this change.

Now I have no time for Nick Griffin, but I do think that if he is elected in the upcoming general election, he will speak out and tell truths which would otherwise go unsaid. The right of MPs to speak freely in Parliament, without fear of prosecution, is something we should cherish, not because most MPs have anything worth saying, but because the few that do need to be free to speak the truth.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes Chris.

Why else would they want to amend the law other than to do to us - or Mr Griffin - what the Dutch are currently trying to do to Mr Wilders.

Shut us down.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video but after reading Dr Hill's comment completely forgot what rage I was about to splew forth onto the comment thread...

Interesting view of things Doc.

If 'Parliament Privilege' covers freedom of speech, surely that doesn't give them a licence to thieve then deceive.

And theft is taking property that does not rightfully belong to you.

Deceiving is the pathetic excuses and empty apologies afterwards.

How does freedom of speech protect that? I know they're looking at the Bill of Rights but they swore an oath to serve the State. They committed themselves to every statute they placed on the books.

My only outrage is over half of em made 'suspicious' claims yet less than ten are being touted as facing criminal charges.

This and the EU are the only things we need to bleat about. Islam should be secondary to these for as long as the Crooks are in Charge, the swines will continue to piss on us from above.

Back to the that video... Problem with TV is the new HD ones look better than real life. Well, in Peckham, shit on a stick looks good.

TV is all about keeping you glued to the sofa. Reason every cell in prison has a TV is because it makes people docile.

And docile people are easier to control. Before the mass media, the Law was King (and very very harsh).

Today the Bastards that Be promote the timewasters with bling and blitz, making people docile with TV, doping agents in the water supply and the mass of 'radio noise that travels 24/7 through our bodies. Can employ more that way, and employment is probably the second best way of controlling people.