Saturday, 6 February 2010


The candidates named thus far to replace the useless thieving Neil Turner as Wigan's MP make interesting reading.

The first announced was the Tory candidate Mike Winstanley.
Now Mike is a decent sort of chap but his history betrays an ambition, not to represent Wigan but to continue up the greasy Tory pole to a safe seat.
He knows Wigan is a hopeless cause for him but he must stand in order to attain a safe Tory seat in the future.
He has stood in previous elections in two other areas, Blackpool and Bury.
This shows his allegience to the Tories before the people of any of these constituencies. Even if he were elected it is obvious he would toe the line and put party before constituency.
It must be hard for Mike to have to stake his future on a party which has not yet decided what its policies are.

Do they cut spending or not? What are their plans to resurrect British industry?
Is Cameron a Labour clone? He stated a few years ago he was "Tony Blair mark 2". Why does he not say this now?
His latest inspiration at a time when our country is going bankrupt (as predicted by Nick Griffin 4 years ago) is to allow thousands of homosexual Africans to come here to escape persecution in their own countries (and bring with them their AIDS to be treated at our expense). Why can they not go to other African countries where there lifestyle is tolerated?
Why did he renage on his promise of a referendum on the EU?. Why does he refuse to come out of Afganistan?
The Tories under this fool have no policies, and what few they have they change every few weeks.
The only thing in their favour is that they are not New Labour, but that is not reason enough to vote for them.

The Labour candidate is an attractive young woman and obviously considered on message and sharp enough to be useful to the Labour Party so that they parachuted her into this safe seat.

She is a young inexperienced carpet bagger with no interest in Wigan other than as a ticket to the Westminster trough. She would be "lobby fodder" voting for the party line rather than the interests of our town.
Voting for her would be for a continuance of the disastrous fiscal and social policies New Labour have lumbered us with. She looks intelligent but if she were she would have no truck with a so incompetent and venal party which has comprehensively betrayed ite core vote. so she is not as clever as she might have led herself to believe.
Of course if you put a pig up for MP in Wigan with a red rosette they would be elected (they did last time) as changing voting habits is often difficult even when the policies of their party changes out of recognition.

The UKIP candidate Alan Freeman it seems is standing in two constituencies. Is UKIP so small?
perhaps it is an indication of the smallness of their policies which apart from a vague promise to distance itself from the EU and limit immigration to the numbers of people leaving this country are non existant.
This latter policy would indicate that they would be happy if the British population were replaced by foreign people and it would be OK if the population of the country stayed the same.
They will get the usual hype by the media as an alternative to our party in spite of their lack of policies.

I don't as yet know about other Wigan candidates so can't comment but the above, in standing for their chosen parties do not give me much confidence, but then there is only one party which would always put the interests of Wiganers first and that is the BNP.

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