Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well at least there is some good news today.
The over promoted crook "Commander" Disaei has been attacked in jail and "slops" thrown over him.
In a way I feel sorry for the slops which had to make contact with his corrupt head. No doubt he had met some people in jail who had been wrongly convicted on account of his evidence.
Whatever, he seems to have the same popularity rating in jail as Ian Huntley the child murderer.

I have always objected to this to this verminous policeman who, having benifited from a public school education in England and gaining promotion on the spurious grounds of his race, lording it over us poor Brits who, while persecuted by him and his "Black Police Association" were forced to pay taxes to fund him and his ilk.

In spite of his privelidged education and foreign birth he has used the unjust laws enacted by this misguided government to advance his anti British agenda.
I have nothing against advancement on merit, but this arrogant slimeball thought he was untouchable by virtue of his playing "the race card".
He made a mistake on the last time by trying to fit up an ethnic who courageously stood up to him. Well done that lad.
If it had been an ethnic Brit it would have been him who was in jail.
It just goes to show how thw law is stacked against the British people.

YES I'M GLAD HE HAS BEEN ATTACKED and I hope he lives in fear for the rest of his sentence,(and rots in Hell afterwards)
Perhaps he will then realise that justice in this country is impartial and colour blind and not to be perverted by scum like him however many ethnic associations he may have backing him AND if the law will not impose justice there others who will even in jail, for even among hardened criminals there is a code of conduct which you cross at your peril.


Dr Chris Hill said...

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Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

If he is in solitary, he is next-door to nonces. And you know what happens to their food.

He'll have a few months of that then probably get the tag citing yuman rites... crime and puni..? Used to be something else I'm sure.

Have the BNP any plans of highlighting Labour's COMPLETE failure in the character department?


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes .. but Chris, we quite simply don't believe them.

You're wasting your time on this topic; we just don't believe them.