Thursday, 4 February 2010


Nick Griffin's decision to stand against Margaret Hodge really seems to have ruffled her feathers.
She is now to some degree copying BNP policies which she has up to now deemed racist, and recognising the resentment of voters in the unfettered immigration policies of her government and their treatment of British people as seciond class citizens.

She says it is time "to lance the boil" of growing discontent over the wave of economic migrants entering our country.
No Margaret it is time to "lance the boil" of New Labour your corrupt party which has presided over the most disastrous demographic changes in 10,000 years of British history for purely party reasons, not to mention bankrupting the country while borrowing £billions to give away in foreign aid and the EU.

If you did not see this self inflicted disaster you should have, or were you shielded from people's views by your draconian PC speech laws which prevented people from speaking out for fear of being criminalised for being "racist"?
To paraphrase Nick Griffin "you can prevent us from speaking out but you can not control the way we think"
Your "vibrant, diverse multicultural society" is turning to bite you on your fat bottom which has been thus far shielded from reality by your champagne socialist lifestyle paid for by us.

You had no mandate to impose these changes on us and have sought to silence us by dubious legal practices and depriving us of our historical right to free speech.
Now you and your slimy party will reap the whirlwind and slither into oblivion.
It seems however you may just survive as the Tories have offered you a lifeline (how ironic a loony lefty like you being offered help by the Tories) It just shows how alike, treacherous and anti British both your parties are.

After the next election and the Tories get in they will be no better as their policies are identical to yours and our support will grow as a result.
The following election will be our BIG breakthrough when we will be able to begin the task of rebuilding our country culturally and financially.

The danger is that civil unrest will lead to conflict between the multiple groups and allegiances you have encouraged here, as you can't have a united and a diverse country at the same time. They are incompatible at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Let's hope the people have enough patience to go through the coming hard times until a party,the BNP which has the interests of the British people as a priority comes to power.

In the meantime, even without MPs we are having an influence on government thinking even if it is only an attempt to save their subsidised skins.

A BNP vote is thus proved again to be worth more than a vote for any other party as it really makes them sit up even if we do not get in.


Silly Kuffar said...

Excellent and Well said Lanky.

If the BNP now, without MPS, are making or forcing the Lib/Lab/Con TRAITORS to Change their view on Immigration it must tell you something and the undecided voters too.

If you want to save your Country and people its Christian morals and ethics,
and this land for future Generations of INDIGENOUS English/British people...what choice do you have but the BNP ?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"To paraphrase Nick Griffin "you can prevent us from speaking out but you can not control the way we think" "

But that's just it Lanky - they THINK they can control the way we think. It's a psychological theory called "Linguistic Relativity". The relevant part of that theory says that if you can't use the words you'll soon be unable to express, or even think, the concepts.

They are fools.