Monday, 22 February 2010

The Jackboots of the “Anti-Fascists”

British Police collude in UAF VIOLENCE.
This is the EDL/WDL/SDL being denied the "Right To Peaceful Protest" with the Cowardly MILITANT UAF/UNIONS allowed to attack anyone that the Lib/Lab/CON are scared of.
We know the BNP have PROSCRIBED the EDL, but we don't Subscribe to the New Labour POLITICISED STASI POLICE FORCE.

The denial of TRUTH by the BRITISH MEDIA.
The ENCOURAGED ATTACKS on anything differing from the Lib/Lab/CON.

"We’ve seen what happens when the people of Europe attempt to mount peaceful protests against the Islamization of their countries. They are vilified in the press and by government spokesmen, denounced as “fascists” and “racists”, and subjected to arbitrary arrests, interrogations, and whatever administrative punishments the authorities can cobble together under anti-incitement laws." [...]

"The authorities often find it helpful to use the AFA/Antifa organizations — anarchist groups that call themselves “anti-fascists” — to do the scuffling and breaking of heads, and thus permit official law enforcement to keep its hands fastidiously clean. In Britain the most prominent “anti-fascist” group is UAF, “United Against Fascism”. Their primary mission nowadays is to suppress the anti-jihad activists of the English Defence League, the Welsh Defence League, and the Scottish Defence League." [...]


Operation Portcullis started early on Friday with a series of raids aimed at tracking down those suspected of drink-fuelled crime." ...

"A "lock down" in police terms is when officers control where people can go in a certain area in response to a specific risk, hazard or threat."

New Labours STASI STATE.

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So how does this differ from "martial law".the crunch is comming and you better be ready.