Thursday, 18 February 2010


You can always tell when its an election year in the Uk, as all the politicians smile as they stab you in the back while they remove your wallet. (Usually they frown) Anyway worried about how the general public will vote after the debacle with the MPs outlandish expenses claims and how so many people have said they will not vote.It appears that Labour has settled on getting the Muslim vote in which to ensure they spend another 5 years in power.

So we have seen the formerly ostracized Muslim council of Britain brought back into the fold. we have seen numerous court cases concerning Muslims where those in the dock have walked free such as:

Mohammed Atif Siddique
Three Muslims accused of murdering a Black man in Birmingham
Those idiots who wanted to behead a British soldier

We have an MP interceding on behalf of an man who stole £80,000 via benefit fraud, by writing a letter to the judge asking not to jail him because of the impact that might have on his health and family life.

And now we have the British PM instigating an inquiry into how the men who allegedly killed a Hamas leader used fake British Passports by demanding a word with the Israeli ambassador. But get this Brown quoted the following in his defense;

"We have to make sure everything is being done to protect [the British passport].

This from the man (and the party) who have given away hundreds of thousands of British passports to those who hate us. You know like those who aren't British but live here on benefits while hating everything about us.

Now it seems he is attacking Israel so as to garner a few brownie points with the Muslims who reside in the UK just to ensure that they vote for labour.


So yes, I suppose it must be an election year. Best come along to tonight's meeting then; we have things to talk about, council and general election candidates to settle, etc.

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