Friday, 26 February 2010



Mandelson Seems Very Certain

Britain will "one day" adopt the euro, business minister Peter Mandelson said on Friday, but admitted that the changeover is not likely any time soon.

"We already have the eurozone providing a single central bank, currency and monetary policy, which one day I believe Britain will be part of," Mandelson said during a talk at a university in Paris.

"Don't ask me when. It's not going to be soon, but we will do it,"
Really, Mandy? You seem very sure. Were you planning to ask your electorate about the matter?

Considering that polls consistently say that Britain is a solidly eurosceptic country, even without the spectre of joining the Euro being involved, how do you come to such a bald conclusion?

Still, we should worry not, as any decision on ditching sterling will surely require a referendum. And any move towards the eurozone will certainly need to be a solid manifesto commitment prior to a general election.

Oh, hold on. 

Are the people of Wigan going to keepvoting for these people?  And what about the local expenses scandal?

A Wigan councillor who cannot drive has paid back hundreds of pounds claimed for mileage expenses.
The move came after a spending watchdog was called in by another councillor to probe Town Hall expense claims.

Independent opposition councillor Jim Ellis asked the district auditor to look at mileage claims submitted for journeys taken on town hall business. He claimed to have found evidence of:

Councillors who do not have a driving licence claiming mileage for journeys;

Inflated home-to-town hall mileage claims.

Households with two councillors travelling together but putting in separate claims.

Short journeys always being rounded up.

Now one councillor has paid back £355 claimed over a 10-year period in advance of the outcome of the investigation.

Today director of finance David Smith confirmed: "One individual who has claimed mileage for legitimate council meetings, but who does not drive, has decided to repay the car mileage expenses – £355 spread over 10 years – for those meetings, as it could be implied they claimed unfairly, even though they would have been entitled to claim public transport costs should they have travelled by that means."

Independent Conservatives Leader Coun Gareth Fairhurst, who claims his group has NEVER claimed mileage expenses, said: "I am hearing disturbing things that members are claiming mileage allowances when they do not even drive.

"I'm being sent the information and if I find this is the case and the figure is large enough, I will report it to the police. I want the council to crack down on this because it is a disgrace and anyone found guilty should be kicked off the council."

The 39.5p per mile mileage expense rate claimed by councillors is within the Inland Revenue approved rate of 40p per mile. The council last reviewed the issue in 2006 when the local Independent Panel on Members' Allowances looked at it.

Allowances were set nationally in 2000 and they have decided to stick to these rates since.




Silly Kuffar said...
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Anonymous said...

Why did this Country import so many Muslims. ?

When were we asked to be a dumping ground for all ?

Why are we giving shelter and aid to Muslims ?

Our Troops families are living in shi= Holes.

Army Hospitals are closed, our lads have to be in Hospital, injured, and have Muslims all around taking a alien language in our Country.

Why are our Troops being wasted,
for a foreign land that has nothing to do with us ?

How come Foreigners get council housing and all benefits, when workers from this Island are refused ( new Sick note laws ) ?

This is what people are asking when I am out leafleting.

All I can say is, I agree, the Land has gone to the Dogs.

British National Party feel as you do, vote BNP, be a Patriot and stand proud.

Enoch Powell was so right 40 years ago, so right, Nick Griffin is so right, if we do not get our act together God help us.

Silly Kuffar said...

The Lib/Lab/Con in Wigan like the rest of the councils and councilors in Britain are upto their necks in it, so it is vital they stop the BNP from exposing the true nature of Councilors Greed and Corruption. As you can see it wasn't any of the Lib/Lab/Con councilors exposing this THEFT from the PUBLIC PURSE.
That's the real reason behind all this Anti-BNP propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Spot on kuffar !

Franzen - Leader Community Action Party,

has spoken about this WEP,

but has conveniently been deleted.

Maybe he is too outspoken for his

Respect Party and UAF mates.


What electorate would that be ,that the queer mandelson takes notice of?one has to be elected to have an electorate.