Saturday, 16 January 2010


Sorry for my absence from the blog in the last few days. The reason can be seen in the photos below. We had to get thousands of the excellent EU leaflet put out by Nick Griffin parcelled up ready to be posted to electors in selected areas.
The dispatch centre was our kitchen and the job was not helped by the snow and consequent difficulties carrying the leaflets in to the house without slipping, treading grit into the house and in the end transporting them to the Royal Mail depot.

We even had the North West organiser for a day and a half. He is a hard worker and after a good breakfast worked solidly until 9 PM (without a break) before undertaking the long journey back to Cumbria, taking two attempts to get up my icy drive (I would have expected a Cumbrian to have done better than this).
I have to say that Clive, although he can sometimes be a little direct is an extremely hard worker. He gets things done and that is what matters in this crucial year. Nobody I know works harder (except perhaps the Chairman) and I keep telling him to slow down a bit (to no avail), but without people such as him with his drive our party will get nowhere.
We parcelled 91 boxes totalling 182 bundles the first day totalling 46,000 leaflets and delivered them to the Royal Mail. We boxed them by weight on our kitchen scales, and after the first day when we "had got our eye in" and Clive had gone home we did 85,000 leaflets in 85 boxes.
The hardest part was getting set up and into a routine but now we have "cracked it" Susan and I can do easily 80 boxes a day. The photo above shows her "slacking"on her computer surrounded by leaflets. This pause from work however did not last long.
The photo above shows boxes on the window sill (we had nowhere else to put them) awaiting loading into our vehicles.
Our thanks go to Ken Haslam who provided transport for the second batch. Without him they would still be waiting here.
Soon all one and a half tons or 105,000 leaflets will be dropping through letter boxes and I'm sure the message will resonate with thousands of voters who dispair of the way our country is going.

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