Sunday, 17 January 2010


... as they used to say in Babylon 5.

But this is about bringing in controls over our use of the internet ... for a change, Britain is't the European guinea pig, but to be sure we'll soon overtake the wops. We can go faster forwards than they can go backwards.



Andy said...

I can see people forever moving towards TOR and FREENET. To separate two factions: The government and the people.
As used by wikileaks and ordinary people.
This is fully peer to peer with no centralised servers. No linking to the outside world to aid in personal deniability. Nobody can assume or take any rights over you here.

Both deserve a blog, (or Freenet 'flog') in their own right.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I occasionally use Tor - slows you down a lot, but is handy in certain circumstances.

Never knew about Freenet though - I'll look into it.

Thanks for the info - and yes, you're right ... the topics could do with a blog sometime soon.

I've also got some shredding programs that are useful - I use a prog called "File Incinerator" for deleting files - shreds them.

Also a FREE program called "File Shredder". This can be used to shred files when you delete them, and can also be used to shred all free space (you know that when you do an ordinary 'Delete', all you do is remove the title and shortcut to the file - it's still there to be forensically detected. File Shredder shreds the free space that the file now occupies to American Department of Defence spec for releasing security-graded disks. That deleted file that was still there and easily detectable? Not detectable any more.

Incinerator is part of a system mechanic program that has to be paid for (but is worth it). It's from a company called "Iolo" and is known as ""Iolo System Mechanic. I recommend it, and trust the company.

File Shredder is a free-standing program, and is free off the net. Google it.

Of course - everything in these areas of computing must be read with the caveat "There is no such thing as privacy (security) on the internet".

Sir Henry Morgan said...

File Shredder slows you down a lot too - it is only a small program, so no problem there, but when you have it running it uses an awful lot of processing power.

Takes me about an hour to shred all the free space on my disk. I do it as part of my regular maintenance routines - systen clutter, registry errors, all history and cookies, defragmenting, etc. and scans e.g Zone Alarm security scans (the paid-for security suite is worth buying), about once a week. So much of my free space has been shredded repeatedly.

Do you remove your LSO cookies? These are the dangerous ones. Very different animal from ordinary cookies. Check them out - I think Wiki covers them.

Click 'Tools', then click 'Better privacy'. Then delete all that appear - ALL. Then set for LSO deletion every time you exit a site. I don't know if you can do this with Internet Explorer - I use Firefox (free off the net, and much better and more secure).

Andy said...

An incredibly good program I use is called "peerblock". Its only downside is they will not give windows the £500 so they allow it to be used in windows. (There is a bypass against that). Its an IP blocker from everyone and everything of suspect value.

I'm afraid to say we are peeing into the wind with anonymity on windows.

File deletion is basically a file rename with its rights removed. Any new file, or defrag will overwrite it. Your program will most likely overwrite its file position several times with random bytes.

LSO cookies: That darned adobe, again! seems many others are into this. Thanks for that Morg. You never know, we might have time to chat about these issues in detail very soon.

When using Vista: Firefox and google chrome here.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Final word - about the Iolo System Mechanic.

When I use the Windows on-board "Diskclean" function, I can get my disk looking clear of all clutter (and delete all but the latest Retore point - they take a lot of space).

But then doing a scan for clutter with the mechanic can reveal as much as 4.5 (my highest yet) Gb (Yes, G not M) of clutter taking up disk space. AFTER the Diskclean cleanup.

Same with the Windows on-board defragmenter. Do a defragment - then do the System Mechanic defragment - does an awful lot more defragmenting. Can also be set to defragment the Locked files on next startup. Hundreds of them first time you do it, and it will take a fair bit of time. These are the files that can't be accessed once the system is running.

Three programs I recommend all computer-users get:

Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite (have to pay - but not much - half the price of Symantec and twice as good and easy to use. Also uses a lot less processing power)

Iolo System Mechanic (have to pay - but again not expensive. And doesn't use much processing power. Can set it to run when you are not using the machine)

File Shredder. (Free off the net, a very small program but heavy on processing power - when in use only).

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Damn I'd forget my head if it wsn't screwed on tight.

When you delete a file, as I said, it only deletes the title and the shortcut - the file is still forensically readable (easily too - and pictures are just a different kind of file, note). It's the same with your browsing - every place you visit leaves tracks on your disk that are easily readable. So a cop can find out every place you've visited and everything you've done and said whilst there.

Disk Shredder shreds all this too. To American department of Defense security standards. Not perfect, but as good as it gets for we plebs.

Can still be read though - but only through the use of an electron microscope scanning your system - will take weeks for one machine and will only be resorted to if the investigators are already convinced from other evidence that there's - e.g. terrorist related stuff on there.

Very slow and very expensive for them. This is why I use the security programs - not because I go anywhere or do nything I shouldn't - but because it makes them tear their hair out with NOT KNOWING. They seriously hate that.

Andy said...

I remember Zonealarm reporting back my history. Duly blocked and removed.

Go for linux. For security, a pc that has its o/s on an flash disc (SD card) with a physical write protect. Only use open source programs.. You have to believe.. Skype, for instance attempts to talk to loads of universities and it has no effect to its operation. Its pure spyware

Moblock is peerblock's linux cousin. A journalled file system renders a hard wipe irrelevant and many linux only browsers can be set to report zilch back. TOR and Freenet are available.

There is a windows program called "sandboxie". Imagine a cat litter tray. When you close down everything that the computer has picked up is thrown out, unless specifically saved.

Listen to us!! Anyone would think we are a pair of lawbreakers.

Andy said...

Yes I know all about O/S file deletion. One really should randomise a file up to 20X for any legibility to be utterly removed. But lets face it. Information overload is a wrecking ball to this fascist system thats been imposed upon us.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

As far as the Leftards who govern our country, I suppose we are - in their minds anyway.

They'd give us all the Stalin treatment (bullet in the base of the skull) if they dared.

Just for our daring to say "I've got a better idea ... "

As we do. Both have, and dare to say. We are frightening the hell out of them because they know we're right (correct), and our support is gathering at an accelerating rate.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Can also use Zone Alarm for tracking back attempted hacks, the IP number of their computer, and the physical address of their ISP. A handy little function. It also grades the hack attempts by severity of attack.

Read my above post called "Have you a daughter?" After that old post about Sex offences, I was repeatedly subject to some very severe hack attempts from right across North Africa - mainly, but not entirely, Egypt and Morrocco.

Lucky I had good protection, I suppose.

Andy said...

...and so it begins.. as they said in B5 ;)

The undertow of support is deffo falling for the BNP but I'm worried. There are so many people who are cowardly, squishy brained fools who are terrified of even mentioning politics and amazingly believe garbage no matter how insensible it is while at the same time understand nobody in the media is telling the truth!

Chris is a fine example.. (of media). Will not follow the money/power trail no matter how clearly it sticks in ones face.

Andy said...

Morgan, I use a router with a hard firewall. and Peerblock stops stuff going in and out of the pc from unwanted places... The blocked ip's scroll like a hacker on speed.

I'm blocking over 10 million IP numbers. It tells you who they are and the software itself is "open source"; free to use, keep, share and scrutinise its coding and offer improvements.