Monday, 4 January 2010

National curriculum being 'dumbed down'

Keep them Ignorant and Illiterate and they're easier to control, easier to manipulate.
So that's why they need foreigners to come here to work.....Our kids are too dumb.

The drive to make subjects more "relevant" – combined with the introduction of increasing numbers of practical courses – meant many pupils were unable to "access the world of high culture, which could transform their lives", it was claimed.........

He said repeated attempts to "weaken the academic basis of the curriculum" – a backbone of the education system since the mid-1800s – had widened the gap between rich and poor pupils. "

This is only happening in ENGLISH Schools.

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Lanky Patriot said...

I heard of a teacher who was too busy to mark homework as he was busy doing his Christmas cards.

He should be sacked but he won't be unless he joins the BNP.

Shows where the priorities of some teachers are and the hypocricy of the authorities and the NUT