Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lord Carey - Islamic Migrants are becoming a problem

Lord Carey has awakened ?
At least he is now speaking up about the negative impact that Islamic immigrants are having on this country.
Does he see a future CIVIL-WAR between the INDIGENOUS POPULATION and the COLONISERS ?
And the loss of our Freedoms and Liberties.

"He was speaking a day after a cross party group of public figures, including himself, warned a failure to limit immigration could put "social harmony" at risk.

He said: "The statistics indicate that, if we carry on at the rate we are, our country is going to be in deep trouble and this is going to foster social unrest.

"I worry about my grandchildren. I want this country to carry on being one that values the Christian heritage, but most of all values the democratic standards and all that this country has fought over."

Lord Carey...you need to vote BNP if you want to save our Culture and Christian heritage.

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Abu Abdullah said...

Mouthing platitudes and feigning concern when the immigration goose is already cooked does not a principled patriot make.