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Violence is happening now , I have many times said that the growth of violence in the UK concerning Muslims is inevitable, this is because of the complete lack of action by the government to address the concerns of the British population regarding the exponential rise of Islam in the UK.

When a people see no solution to their anxieties and concerns, at a national level, coming from their government, they the people, will take measures which they feel go someway to solving their dilemma.

This situation will get worse because the violence shown to the British population by the Muslim community is far far greater, the purpose of the violence is clear and unequivocal we want to destroy you, this in effect is a declaration of war, that these people are going to be violent against us whenever they can, therefore is is only logical that there will be a response from the British people.

There are many forms of "violence" I consider it an act of violence against me to have to tolerate Hijabs, Burkas and other such modes of dress, I feel that my neighbourhood has been violated by the presence of a mosque.

Many people feel intimidated and threatened by the numbers of "Asian" gangs that roam the streets calling us names, harassing young girls and in many cases raping and  gang raping them Tory MP claims ''barbaric and medieval'' views about women have been imported into Britain

 ... rape is not uncommon, as we all know in the North of England there has been concerted efforts by Muslim gangs to get young white girls into prostitution - usually by raping them first.

There is no two ways about it Islam is attacking our country and our culture, this is violence, it may not be physical violence against a person but violence none the less.

The Muslim community will continue to play the victim role, they will continue to yell foul if they are challenged, and yes they will become victims in the true sense of the word, people will fight back in the only way they know how, for some that will be a physical way, for others it may be by use of language.

The use of language is what has annoyed the new "research centre" they are working towards censorship in the UK, all they want is their versions of what is or is not - There is no free democratic press in Islam, they want to see the same here in the UK - now that really is violence and a direct attack upon our freedoms.

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