Monday, 18 January 2010


Here's an Associated Press (AP) report on the post-earthquake aid so far sent or pledged  to Haiti.

Hmmm ... I don't see very much - indeed NOTHING - from the Islamic parts of the world. It would appear that the much lauded - by our dhimmi media - Islamic charity (Zakat) donation is for helping ... other Islamics only. Just so's we know, eh?

And I get the same picture when it comes to help from African, or even other West Indian countries. Black solidarity eh? Nothing in the world like it. Thank God.

And how many ... err ... people are they all donating to the western world - millions each year? All costing us, of course, rather than contributing.

The world would crumble if it wasn't for the generosity of Whitey and the non-Muslim Asiatics.

You couldn't make it up. And if you tried, you'd be prosecuted for 'Hate Speech'.

Wonder how many new mosques Saudi Arabia is currently paying for here in the western world, and how much money does it amount to?

You probably couldn't make that up either. Sigh ... more 'Hate Speech' I suppose.

Am I allowed to ask those things?



Andy said...

Haiti's neighbouring country is not starving. Doesn't have people who only look after themselves. Has a better standard of living, lower crime. etc. etc.. Now if I gave the one and only reason I can find, I'd be called a racist.

The more I watch this on the TV the more angry I get. There was an Aussie news crew about to interview somebody when they heard cries.. They found and pulled out a little girl... Where were the locals? We see them wandering all over the place doing bugger all useful. If a part of Wigan had such a catastrophe, I would be there, ready to help with my pick and spade, working all hours.

Heaven and Hell are identical rooms. The only difference is the people interred in each.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Andy - off this topic and on to the computer/internet topic for a moment.

If we can organise time and suitable location for it, could you run internet security classes for any of we local members who are interested in learning?

I don't claim to know much. I got this - my first machine - only four years ago. I took classes in using databases, spreadsheets and Word Processing, and some extremely basic classes in Desktop Publishing. Other than that, everything I do know I've learned for myself - usually the hard way.

I started taking an interest in security when a bloke showed me that HE could scan the world for switched on-but unattended computers, and then take them over and use them. Everything he did and everywhere he went was logged in that computer's ISP as being done by that computer, and didn't track back to his own. God alone knows how many people get into legal difficulties because someone did this to them.

No, he wouldn't tell me where to get the program to do this, or how to use it. But it's out there somewhere and loads of people must use it.

I switch off and disconnect every night now, despite having good security.