Thursday, 3 December 2009


I subscribe to an online email service. The service provider has said to me that he has the same attitude to information that I have - it doesn't matter how people get the information, just so long as they do get it (he said that as far as he's aware, I'm the only BNP person to be on his subscription list - and no, he is not one of our supporters).

It's called "Not Born Yesterday" (nby); and he said this means it is fine for me to re-post what he writes with appropriate accreditation. His name is John Ward and he was the original publisher of the story about McBroon taking serious anti-depression drugs. His writing appears occasionally in the msm. The following item is in the latest email I got today.


All those of you who know me are fully aware of my attitude towards Islam. This puts my attitude into writing far better than I'm able to do. I'm making no threat, but rather a prophecy when I say that war is coming, and if only our stupid elites weren't so blinded by their ideology they'd see it as clear as day.

Here's the web page that is associated with the email service. I recommend bookmarking, regular reading, and a root through the archives. This man may not be one of our supporters, but he's certainly a realist:

The article (emphases mine):

The problem our leaders never foresaw is about to go ballistic. And they still don't get it.

Some thirty years ago I was trying to get a new ad agency off the ground with four partners. As always at this stage of a company's development, new business was paramount. So we were delighted when into our offices walked the marketing director of a large paperware company.

We got the business, and during a celebratory lunch soon afterwards (in those days, lunch was code for 'the rest of the day') the new client explained his view of the future. I can't remember why he chose to do this, although I recall very well thinking 'Oh my God, here we go'. But rather than talking about his vision of paperware in 1990, this chap treated us to a succinct and chilling prediction about expansionist Islam.

We all thought he was off his trolley to be honest. However, almost everything he said has come to pass. After 9/11, I began to take his outlook more seriously; today, I'm convinced he was absolutely right.

Islam's intolerance of other viewpoints is about to go head to head with intolerance of Islam. And this is happening on four fronts.

As we predicted here earlier this year (although far from exclusively) Iran has played the Atomic Energy Commission, the EU, the UN and Uncle Tom whatnot and all along - but in the end, not only told the infidel to stuff it, but also forged ahead with an expansionist uranium enrichment programme. This the Middle East nuclear dimension.

Dubai has as near as damn it reneged on its loan commitment, thus handing the trump cards to neighbouring Abu Dhabi. The latter will now become the dominant partner: and lest you're unsure about it, let me tell you that Abu Dhabi is considerably more Islamist than Dubai. This is the financial dimension.

In Switzerland, a right-wing law has unexpectedly won sweeping approval. It states categorically that no more minarets may be constructed in that country. In France, religious jewellery and burkhas are banned from educational establishments. In the Balkans, old emnities have been open sores for a decade or more. In the UK, research shows an increasing antipathy towards the Muslim minority. This is the Euro-backlash dimension.

And last but not least, among the NATO allies patience with Pakistan's yes-and-no approach to Al Q'eida has finally run out. There's no sign that Obama and Brown understand how stretched Pakistan is already: only signs that while more troops are being committed by these two bewildered men, from the other side of the mouth they talk about disengagement from the conflict. This is the military dimension. 

There is also a Chinese/African dimension, but this is (I suspect) further down the road. In the meantime, let's take each aspect of the existing problem in turn. 

In Tehran, Ahmadinnejad must know by now that, unlike Hitler, he won't be allowed to keep on pretending what a nice chap he is. Being intelligent but full of himself (and underestimating mixed signals from the West) he may not as yet know that retribution is coming. But there is a more than outside chance he fancies himself in the martyr role - only ultimately, using the nuclear solution to take the impure infidel with him. He must be destabilised and/or removed as a matter of great urgency.

When it comes to Dubai, for once Western business is genuinely between a rock and a hard place: we can't afford - morally or financially - to reward mendacity. But equally, we can't stand by as a rich Islamic State gets even richer by taking over. It goes without saying that - the quarterly results mentality now holding sway among the globalists - we will choose the former, easier way out. But we will be storing up problems for the future in the region: for Abu Dhabi will be more than happy to arm Islamists of every shape and hue.

The European dimension at first sight looks like little more than a long-awaited realisation by the West that (at least on home ground) the age of appeasement must end. It's what follows that worries me. Although I do not doubt that the mad folks would brand nby Islamaphobic, I have no phobia about Islam: rather, I have an awareness of Islam, and where its own blindness will lead. The Islamic reaction to being told they can't have all those religious rights after all will not be temperate - few Muslim reactions ever are. This will hand more votes to the BNP and other Parties of the Euro-Right: but it's what the poor working class will do of their own accord that should concern us. 

There is an elitist middle-class Left-leaning view that the downtrodden in society are noble - but stupid, and therefore open to the infernal arguments of those nasty racists. The poor are, in my experience, neither noble nor stupid: they know a threat when they see one, and they will show no mercy to those whom (they already feel) have enjoyed privileges at their expense.

The non-nuclear military dimension is the one that really worries me, because it is the area where we have given the most confusing signals to the Deluded Ones. From applauding televised confessions to emotional incontinence about those who have died, we have looked decadent - and yet at the same time, shown the awesome power of our misguided revenge. To the average Mid-Eastern Muslim, the US/EU/UK alliance probably comes across as a self-obsessed weakling given the power of Armageddon for his birthday by a false prophet. There are few spectres more effective than that at recruiting martyrs.

We in the UK are going to fail this last test, because in the age of easy solutions it seems almost 'a no-brainer' to simply retreat back behind our own borders - where a series of increasingly draconian anti-terrorist laws will remove the very libertarian democracy Islam wants to see the back of anyway.

The most newsworthy of these facets right now is the Dubai thing. If ever there was a situation where denial and lack of foresight clouded the issue for those intimately involved, then this is it. The Financial Times unconsciously gave this away when it wrote on the 27th November:

'As always, the problem in Dubai is that no one had all the facts, and perhaps some in the financial community had made all the wrong assumptions'

Right then, apart from making assumptions based on trusting the innately untrustworthy, where exactly did we go wrong here? In most circumstances it would be truly laughable; but in our current position, it will surely make a final, tragic showdown inevitable. 



Red Squirrel said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading that Morg.
I just have to smile every time I come across that word 'Islamophobia'
I used to visit a psychiatrist, until he pronounced me totally sane that is.
He was from the Indian subcontinent and he laughed his head off at the term. "Islam is not like a spider in the bath,a fear of the harmless ,It is a serious threat to civilisation" he said.

Thud said...

I am no more phobic about Islam than I am about disease,electricity and fire....I recognise the danger and plan accordingly.As a very young chap I read a book about the 16th century siege of Malta and from then on I knew who the enemy was and is.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I read about that too Thud. Unfortunately I never properly understood it except as a cracking good fight.

Different now of course.