Thursday, 24 December 2009


This last year has been very eventful and successful and we have made great progress by gaining a county councillor and an MEP in the North West and I like to think we in Wigan have played a part in this.
My thanks to all who have supported us by leafletting, letters, coming to meetings , spreading the word generally and of course visiting this blog.
We are MUCH stronger than we were a year ago and have many enquiries to follow up after New Year.
The leaflet shown on last night's blog will help us up our game and was a direct result of us having an MEP which allowed funds to be used to publicise the good work Nick is doing in the North West.
We go forward to capitalise on our success and bring our policies of sanity to the notice of an electorate increasingly disillusioned with the incompetence of the politics and corrupt politicians of the other parties.
We are the only hope for our country and are increasingly geting our message through in spite of the foreign big business controlled media and the snake like "Common Purpose" organisation which seeks to destroy us.
We are winning against all the odds and will continue to do so.