Thursday, 10 December 2009


If you tossed a coin there is a 50% chance of getting either heads or tails.
If the Labour government takes a decision there is a 100% chance of them getting it wrong.

The Chancellors budget statement yesterday was typical. Although we are borrowing more than at any time in our history he has done nothing to repair the finances.
To "ring fence" overseas aid when we have to borrow the money we donate is plain stupid.
To propose the majority of the cuts which will be necessary to be on capital expenditure such as roads and infrastructure and housing when these would give a return in the future on that expenditure is short sighted.

One suggestion is selling what is left of the "family silver" such as the Dartford crossing which has paid the debt off and is making a profit for the taxpayer is idiotic.
To propose cuts in the defense budget when his government is fighting illegal wars and our soldiers are ill equipped is criminal.
To increase National Insurance is a tax on jobs and will just keep unemployment high.
National Insurance for manufacturing industry should be cut drastically to encourage firms to take on labour.
A good candidate for savage cuts is the Equalities industry which has persecuted our party at great public expense.
The prosecution of two Christians for saying anti muslim things to an old fool who had converted and which was thrown out by the judge cost thousands. They tried to convict Nick Griffin a few years ago forthe same thing. It must cost £millions per year to attack free speech and appease muslims.
If we returned all the illegal immigrants immediately with no appeal and foreign criminals and their wives and families who had been given (wrongly) citizenship we would be a lot better off.

After all I had not noticed a national need for corner shop, kebab shop, Indian restaurant workers or taxi drivers, let alone the hundreds of thousands of mulim asylum seekers with large families who are milking the system.
Having done this we could reduce the cost of anti terrorism measures and empty many jail places.
If we did this, brought our soldiers home from illegal wars and left the EU we could pay all our bills and have a future as a stable country.

The future under this government (and the Tories would do the same) does not bear thinking about.


phoenix said...

Lanky, These are the plans of a government, hell bent on destroying our country, or as much as they can before getting kicked out of office.?
You are dead right with the solution,! to logical people, you STOP spending on periferal items and concentrate on what is important in your own home. Translated:- All aid stopped, get out of the E.U., and bring our troops home. The government are trying to save £3 billion per year for 4 years total £12 billion, the above suggestions would save them, approx, £80 billion over the same 4 years.?
The people governing us are supposed to be CLEVER. there as thick as the preverbial pig s***.
The problem is when this current crop get voted out, an equally dimwitted lot will get voted in


Another excellent post Lanky,
well said.


All of these policies are designed to fail,and have but one object ,to destroy US,the English people,for when people are under stress they are easier to condition permanently to the agenda of the criminal elite.Just like thatcher did they wish to make our existences so unbearable and with no hope of resolution that people will simply give up banging thier heads against a brick wall and knuckle under.Until our currency is valueless there is no chance of introducing the euro,which will chain us permanently to the eussr,whereas now all that is needed to leave the eussr is that we state so under article 50 of the constitution,but once under the euro ,it would be financial suicide.