Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I was told a rather short, but nonetheless, a harrowing story the other day of which I'll share the 'experience' with you all here.

A mother was explaining to me of how her daughter after getting on a train while on the way to work last weekend was approached and told that she would have to move away from where she had chose to sit on the train and find another seat?

Now, the individuals who asked her to move were not rail employees NO indeed! They were in fact two hijab wearing female muslims who had been sat in the adjoining carriage, and one of which I was told; must have been a convert has the women was pale skinned and had a Welsh accent!

When the daughter remonstrated why? She was told that the gentleman she was currently sitting next to cannot let you sit there because it is against our/his religion! (The man was sitting on one of four empty seats at the time)

Aghast, the daughter astounded, speechless and confused decided to move away and find another seat.

Now, I'll just post the following article before I finish off the story:

Click on the link here: American Woman Jailed in Saudi Arabia for Sitting With Men at Starbucks

Hopefully, having read the article, you get the general picture of were the story is coming from?

Anyway, the crux of the story is: this woman's daughter wasn't on any Muslim nations rail network, no, she was on the Liverpool to Manchester line! In Leigh, Lancashire, England, Great Britain!

Coming to a town like yours!!


Freeborn John said...

I would have been tempted to suggest that if the gentleman was so keen on all that Third World silliness he should travel on the roof...

Bertie_Bert said...

Barry Gardiner the MP for Brent has spat his dummy out over South Wales BNP

Anonymous said...

@ Bert - I saw that, what a piece of shit.

@ Freeborn - LOL.

Years ago, on Bagshot Street in Walworth, SE London, I saw an African woman pull her child's pants down and then held him while he had a no.2 in the middle of the pavement.

All the world in one place. Soon we'll have goats wandering around.

Is that repatriation just for immigrants? Can't I get a grant to leave this shithole?

phoenix said...

This is bloody ridiculous.? The daughter should not have moved, in fact she should have told them where they could go and how quickly.?
They picked on the wrong lady then, they should have had a go at my wife, as it happens she is also Welsh.. She doesn't travel on trains much, but I think she might just start.?
My wife is generally a mild mannered person, but faced with that kind of request, then she has been known to disagree.? The Muslims in question, I assure you they would have been leaving the train at the next station.?
The daughter should have stood her ground and not allowed herself to be abused and intimidated in that way..You may expect this in London or Birmingham, but Leigh.?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Good point Freeborn John!

And 'phoenx' I think it's all too easy to say the daughter should have held her ground; but there was three of them and she felt embarrassingly intimidated. And being only 19 years old and not of the confrontational type, it was probably her first experience at the wonders of forced multiculturalism and how to deal with it, without being branded a screaming racist and an islamophobe.

Freeborn John said...

In this current climate of Muslim appeasement the young lady would probably have come out of any dispute badly.
The case of the couple with the hotel in Liverpool who are being prosecuted in the courts for arguing with some Muslim guests springs to mind.
Thinking about it, some of the more forthright posters on this blog would have ended up in real hot water if they'd been there...a luck escape gentlemen!


You must stand your ground,and let these scum know that they are not in a muslim country,and if they do not like it Fxxx off.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"I like it here. Hmmm, I think I'll stay thank you. If this Western-Oriental-Gentleman has a problem with that, then perhaps HE should sit somewhere else."

Get your answers prepared now for similar situations.

You know all those witty people who come up with a rapid answer to a situation and you say to yourself "I wish I'd said that". Well, it's easy to become one of those people yourself: all you have to do is spend an hour or two every day imagining situations and what you should say if ever in that sort of situation. Then you'll always be ready with the rapid answer, and others would be saying "I wish I'd said that" ... only this time it's you they're saying it about.

Freeborn John said...

This incident represents the UK in microcosm, with Muslims taking advantage of British good nature to impose their backward faith on them, a triumph of intolerance over tolerance if ever there was one.
Well, the rest of the passengers are getting fed up with these uppity nuisances, the day is in sight when they'll learn British manners or be turfed off the British train...

Andy said...

I would of informed them about my bacon buttie breakfast with my cup of tea and if they so much as spoke to me again I would spit in their eye.

But thats just me.

That girls space was hers.

phoenix said...

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...
'phoenx' I think it's all too easy to say the daughter should have held her ground; but there was three of them and she felt embarrassingly intimidated.

L.L.N..... We in the BNP feel intimidated on a daily basis does that mean we just appease these backward thinking people, pull out of the BNP, and let them have their way.?
WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE A STAND.? Intimidation is the weapon of the bully.? We have to confront them in a logical and polite way and not give in to their suppression of us.?
Through the centuries had our ancestors submitted to "THE BULLY" then chances are we would not be allowed to have this chat...

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Hi Phoenix,

I totally agree with your sentiments!

What we have here is a young woman who no doubt up until that point thought everything was great in our lovely enriched society?

This experience has probably jolted that young brain of hers to the true realisation of what we face ahead.

To be truthful, I don't think anyone else would have chose to sit at the side of the chap anyway! But, I am sure if it had been anyone else of a little more maturity it would have certainly been a different story.

The matter that the mother approached me to tell me of her daughters encounter is acknowledgment in itself that it struck a real chord with the family as a whole.

So, we may just see another fresh set of faces at the next meeting?