Sunday, 1 November 2009


Apologies for the delay in posting my blog reports of our recent meetings.
My time has been taken up in making DVDs of the two meetings we attended last week.
The first was the St Helens meeting where our chairman Nick Griffin gave a wonderful speech (DVDs available).
He had started the day in Glasgow and survived an egg throwing mob of anti democracy thugs. Following that he spoke in Blackburn and later in the evening came to St Helens.
How he manages to do so much in one day and remain fresh and articulate I don't know.
An audience of perhaps 90 saw him. There was standing room only a big difference from one year ago.
He has more energy and policy than the leaders of the other parties put together,(remember Gordon Brown needed 24 hours to decide which biscuits he preferred and he is OUR PM)

The St Helens group is really thriving and yesterday had a table top display in the town when they found that they soon ran out of the locally prepared leaflet.
500 soon went and people were still asking for them when our team packed up.
For the last few months as people see that the other parties have no answers to our country's problems and indeed have deliberately engineered them the enthusiasm for our party as the only one for the British people has grown.

It is hard to comprehend the difference in such a short time.

Well done St Helens.


Anonymous said...

" In the beginning of a change

the patriot is a scarce man, and

brave, and hated and scorned. When

his cause succeeds, the timid join

him, for then it costs nothing to

be a patriot. "

- Mark Twain

phoenix said...

Hi British Lady:- your words(via Mark Twain) are very profound and true.? The Members in the early years must have gone through hell, but still stuck to their beliefs, and I take my hat off to them ALL.
As the British National Party grows, the support on the streets gets increasingly more positive, and our opponents seem to not be as open in their condemnation of us.? Onward and upwards, lets hope for an increase in the membership "WHEN" the court case is resolved,.? The early signs are looking good, but we will not know for sure until then. See you at next meeting.?

Anonymous said...

God willing !

I'll be there !

Anonymous said...


The link I promised.

Wigan Councils vision 2026 .........

asylum seeker policy ...