Friday, 27 November 2009


About an hour ago a coach came down my drive, which I thought unusual as there has never been one down here before. Out got a party of schoolchildren accompanied by two teachers who were being taught environmentalism and the re instatement of the next door open cast coal site.

I have given permission to the firm planting trees to use my drive for access. They do seem to spend more time driving up and down than actually working, but a coach?
I asked the driver ( a nice chap ) who had told him to come down my PRIVATE road and he told me the environment agency.
If you give them an inch they take a mile.
I had to move my vehicle so the coach could turn round.

Anyhow the kids were soon off crocodile fashion, in the pouring rain across the as yet bleak fields and I thought it strange as there is as yet little to see and the weather terrible.
Later the reason became clear. A photographer from the WEP came and asked where the kids were and he had to do a photoshoot with our local useless soon to be ex MP the little s**t Mc Cartney.
So at considerable cost to the education budget and in pouring rain these kids were dragged out of school for Mc Cartney's propaganda purposes.

The site BTW was reinstated by the NW Development Agency at public expense.
Originally it was hoped a local firm would have been employed to reinstate the site but surprise surprise a Scottish firm won the contract with a bid I am told of one million over the bid of a local firm and sourced their employees from outside the district.
I wonder why?

It has been badly done, is not level and the drains had to be re done after only a few months.
Ancient oaks which we had preserved were cut down in the "restoration" and thousands spent on unnecessary culvert works for a ditch when one was already in place which previously carried heavy lorries and farm machinery. Now only a footpath crosses the ditch.
The costs of the tree planting alone must run into the tens of thousands of pounds and has gone on for a month so far.

If I were the MP I would not have put my name to this un environmental extravagence but when did an MP worry about spending our money? or this little piece of dirt know about environmental country or English issues?

Look for the pics in tomorrows WEP

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