Thursday, 19 November 2009


Terry - don't watch this or you'll have to repair all your ceilings in a straight line up.

When I say "No Comment", I mean no comment from me. I'm so enraged I'm tongue tied. But comments from you all are very welcome. Peter (Franzen): what do YOU think. And Wiganer's opinion would be welcome.

Hat tip Green Arrow.



yorkshirebelle said...

the gallows is way too good for scum like this !
horrendous !

Anti-gag said...

I have just watched the latest YouTube video of Nick Griffin and Richard Barnbrook in Barking.

Can I request that we please (as a party) stop using phrases like "take the council", this has for too long been the contemptuous language of the big three parties: Labour, Tory, and the Lib/Dems. We should be talking about winning seats and being elected, by the voters, into office.

"Grabbing seats" and "Taking over the council" may be acceptable language in the Gravy train parties, but we should be better than that and use language that shows we respect the democratic system and local voters. We don't grab seats we are elected by local people!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I had to stop watching it fella - cannot stand that type of shit. Brings out the devil in me for the thoughts that go through my head with what I would do to the bastard.

As Yorkie wrote, the gallows is too good... told ya, the devil in me.

I digg'd and faved it though, although how long that will last is anyone's guest.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

That, Chris, is fair comment.

Might also mention that voters don't GIVE us their votes, they lend them to us. They don't GIVE us authority, they lend it.

Ultimate authority lies with the voter.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


The worst bit for me was IT stole the rings off her fingers.

She looks to me a bit like bag lady (an expression I don't like), so those rings were probably the only things of value she had - and probably represented her best memories.

Anonymous said...

Anti-gag and Sir Morg, both excellent suggestions and so true.

This is about Freeing Our Nation from the European Council (Love Europe, Hate the EU sort thing).

And about the vid - yeah, shocking scumbag. Have you seen the nightstalker media crapfest that has formed yet?

The photo-fit looks nothing like a carrabian fella for Christ's sake!?!

NUJ has a lot to answer for. Unions were probably infected by the Commies first. Damn, wouldn't surprise me if they started them in the first place. Our way is the Luddite's way, although we have evolved and now use sources to rid our wares instead of kicking shit out of them.

Back on topic, one thing is for sure, he'll be a bitch inside jail being a crack'ead 'n' all. Hoping he gets ravaged.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Tomorrow I'm going to put your comment, and my reply, up as a single main post.

Jack's (Loon's) response is why.

Anti-gag said...

Let me say straight off that one incident of bad weather, in itself, proves nothing. However the atrocious weather over the last couple of days (which in Cumbria has been described by the BBC news as being the highest rainfall ever recorded in the UK) is exactly what one would expect to see if Global Warming was a real phenomenon. And that of course is exactly what it is, a fact!

Both Charles and Morg have suggested (in the comment section of this blog) that, as a nation, even if the Earth is warming we can ignore it because it won't affect us directly. Such a head in the sand attitude is quite simply misguided.

If I am driving down the motorway at 70 mph and hit a fog bank, I don't carry on doing 70 because I have no proof there is a line of stopped cars ahead, I slam the brakes on and drive at 10mph until I do know or the fog clears. The same common sense approach should surely be adopted for our response to Climate Change.

Chris Hill

Please accept that I am not claiming that one incident of bad weather (even the worst ever recorded) can be used as an absolute proof of the existence of Climate Change. But it is what one would expect to see if it were true.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Leave it alone Chris. You are exhibiting all the fervour of a religious fanatic - warmer = global warming, colder = global warming, less wind - global warming, more wind = global warming, less rain =global warming, more rain = global warming.

Look, there may be global warming - or cooling. But it is an extreme of arrogance to claim humans are doing it. It's a further extreme of arrogance to say that humans can do anything about it. Read the latest news from ice core samples in the Antarctic?

The global temperature is always warming or cooling - has done for 3 billion years now. It is a nonsense to pick an arbitrary time - e.g. 1980 - and decide we are going to do this that or the other in order to create climate stasis at that point because it was ideal. Why was it ideal? Because you or some other religious nut says so?

Climate is always changing. Get over it and adapt. There is nothing we can do about it - nothing.

But there's no point arguing with you is there - because you're even more of a smartass than I am - and believe me, that takes some doing.

The whole world loves a smartass, and I ought to know. Drop it.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Morgan's getting a bit pissed off.

Does it show?