Sunday, 8 November 2009


Well, at least they're taking us seriously at last. And in Scotland people DO remember Kris Donald, despite the politicians and media claiming there is no immigration issue in Scotland (there is - and there certainly is even if you're English).

It's ok - lying is normal behaviour for Labour politicians. They can no longer help themselves from doing it.



Anonymous said...

Many will never have heard of Kriss

A race murder of a innocent youth, a 15 schoolboy·

Asian gang members set fire to Kriss and tortued him whilst alive.
It barely made headlines south of the border ... I wonder Why ?

GOOGLE OR YOU TUBE IT .... it will make you sick, I only knew about it when I attended Red White and Blue Festival 2008 and saw his picture in the Garden of the Fallen Forgotton.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Morg,

I believe this isn't front page news for all the national newspapers,.

"Home Office cover up of immigration risk"

Keep well.
Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Hmm - I thought I'd posted that. Maybe not.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes - I thought I did: here it is

Just a bit further down the page.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to all those involved. Fingers crossed, Labour will be destroyed at the very least.

Andy said...

On the EU elections. The BNP's vote was 40% the size of the neo-marxists. The hard labour party.

And nearly 25% of the size of the top players vote, the con-marxists.

When its all put into perspective.. It bodes well