Thursday, 12 November 2009


Well well it's been a busy news day.
It started by Gordon Brown's speech on immigration (I only heard the first minutes of it) when he said that London benefited by having 300 languages spoken.
That I'm sure touches a chord with people. Our capital city where many if not most people can not understand each other.

How can we have a united society with a situation like that?
Why did he need to make that speech?
Only 2 weeks ago Straw on Question Time stated that there was no need for a cap on immigration.

Why the change in stated policy?
As has been commented on the news message boards it is because of the rise of the BNP.
Not bad for one badly handled appearance of our leader.
Not bad for a party which was too small to consider and that was "beyond the pale" and "odious".

What if we were given a proper media platform for our policies? We would anihilate them. That is why most Labour members (and Tories and Lib Dems ) will not debate with us.
I was going to call Hain a traitor but he is a foreigner and should be kicked out at the first opportunity.

Note how the other parties have nothing to say about the destruction of our society, they're all part of this deliberate sabotage of all that is British for their own reasons.

Note how many on the message boards are saying that they will vote BNP for the first time.
On C4 news an item showed support for us in Essex.

We are gaining publicity and support all over the country.

Yes the other parties have good reason to be worried. I can not believe the change that has happened since Nick and Andrew were elected.

We have broken the dam and are a potent threat.


I note that Cameron had himself photographed at a cenotaph looking pensive.
So he should as he voted for Iraq and Afganistan but the photo was an obvious publicity stunt.
No real criticism from the media but when Nick joins mourners at Wooton Bassett he is accused of politicing, just him there paying respect with no photographer, and refusing to discuss politics.
People are seeing who is genuine and who is false in spite of efforts of the Marxist NUJ.

Well done Nick for your genuine humility and respect and shame on you Cameron for your using the deaths of soldiers some of whose deaths you colluded in as a political tool.


It seems "pompous Dimbleby" as Jonathan Bowden called him has been injured by a bullock at his farm and will not be appearing on Question Time tonight.
The bullock I believe was a Dexter.
As a farmer I can tell you that they are the smallest cattle in the country and are really only suitable as pets for little girls.
A Dexter bull could walk under a table, it is less than 3 foot tall, not much bigger than a sheep.
If he can't control a bullock as small as that no wonder he can't control a howling audience of ?Congolese and left wing students.

In my time as a cattle man I have dealt with thousands of bulls weighing up to a ton and never been hurt, neither has my neighbour who deals with 500 per year.

I, all the same wish him a speedy recovery but I bet farmers all over the country are smiling at this incompetent hobby farmer.


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Sir Henry Morgan said...

What exactly, Lanky, is it that he does know?

Doesn't know farming; doesn't know how to impartially chair Question Time.

Seeing as how he doesn't do anything else then what use is he to man or beast?