Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I no longer accept the authority of anyone outside the BNP.

Parish Council
Borough Council
City Council
Westminster Parliament
 European parliament, Commission and Council
All Civil servants (at all levels)

Some of you may SAY you are on my side - well unless you immediately resign I do not believe you - you are a liar.

Don't even TRY to speak to me - there is only one police officer in the whole of Europe I will listen to and speak to. Both he and his dad know who he is. And even then it had better be as an individual, not as a police officer.Every other police officer and politician in all 27 ex-countries of the EU can F-off. ALL!

It is the height of stupidity to be on friendly terms with someone who may one day kill you - or have to be killed by you. Yes, that is the situation we are in. Take whatever you can get off them, but give them nothing, not even a nice word.

We no longer have a country. We are now stateless. There is no such legal entity as "A British Citizen". We probably have to fight to regain that status.


Bookmark the comment forum accomanying that post for future commenting on - talk on there is already about rebellion. I go with that.



Anonymous said...

The treaty is made of paper and if I have to scorch all of Europe to destroy, I will.

It's a do or die situation. Come December, the EU will sign an agreement with the rest of the world that will install an inter-government supra-angency capable of setting the agenda (NWO in all but name). And I doubt it'll be in our favour.

Anonymous said...

THE EU is now openly attacking the vatican ...

Crucifixes have been banned in Italian schools by a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights.

The decision has enraged politicians, with Italy's foreign minister Franco Frattini saying:

'This is a death blow for a Europe of values and rights.

'Europe's roots lie in its Christian identity. At a time when we're trying to bring religions closer, the Christian religion gets whacked.

'The government will appeal.'