Friday, 23 October 2009


Sorry for the delay in this post and thanks Chris for your kind words. I've been in Manchester for a hospital appointment with my wife so I am late.


It was a lynch job which Nick knew it would be but we never imagined it would be so one sided and devoted to our party and what was said by whom many years ago. No discussion about the economic mismanagement or the postal strike for instance (nor even Jack Straws file on MI5 as a Communist)

Before the programme I found it strange that police were injured by "peaceful" protestors.
That just gives the lie that the BNP are those who are responsible for violence. It showed who the thugs are (remember Tony Ward)

The make up of the audience coupled with the rabble outside showed what is in store for our people if this insanity of uncontrolled immigration (a la Straw) continues. We are rapidly becoming a third world totalitarian state where only the accepted leftist opinion is tolerated.
Nick had no chance of a fair hearing when at least 50% of the audience was of an ethnic minority and thus a vested interest in destroying the leader of a party which aims to limit their influence and numbers.
Of course they will not agree with him.

The panel consisting of a campaigner for black rights in America, Jack Straw who proclaims his Jewish ancestry but whose father refused to fight to defend them as Nick's dad did, a young "baroness" (why is she a baroness, she has not been elected?. We know why don't we?) who when campaigning peddled a different agenda to the muslims in her constituency from that peddled to the Brits, and Huhne notable for his large eyes but unquestioned about his party's eagerness to cede our sovereignty to the EU and a chairman who thought his duty was to contribute to the attack rather than chair the meeting.

What a stitch up! No wonder Nick was nervous and it was obvious that before the show they had been swotting up on how to attack him.
Nick did make some big hits especially against Straw over his coward of a father and on the immigration issue and ethnicity which the audience want to deny us.
The man who said he would pay for us to go to the South Pole if we wanted whiteness should be prosecuted for racism as we would if we said the reverse about black people. Indeed I dare not even respond in kind here which I could easily.

I know it is easy to criticize from the sidelines but caught on the hop with predetermined hostile questions it is very difficult.

My main criticism was that Nick tried to be too nice to people who shunned him. They are bastards Nick, with no sense of decency. You will never get them to like you so don't try.
Treat them with the contempt they deserve next time, (and there will be one, the BBC likes the ratings).
All in all he acquitted himself well, as shown by the comments sections in the papers and the fact that I have had e mails and phone calls for futher information about the party.

Whatever the long term outcome we have got exposure and opened the can of worms that is the ethnic cleansing of our country which has been ignored for far too long and exposed the panel, audience and demonstrators as the threat to all true Brits.

This is a portent of what awaits our people if we are not listened to, and now they know.

THANKS FOR THAT NICK. We acknowledge your bravery and THE TRUTH HAS BEEN SHOWN, and the people can see it.


Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

Yes I agree with 90% of your analysis, although I don't think anything would have been gained by Griffin taking a less pleasant attitude to the other panellist.

The fact that Dimbleby attacked Griffin for bringing up Straw's fathers cowardice, while ignoring the Asian ladies reference to her grandfathers who she claimed had fought for this country, seems to demonstrate how biased he was.

I'm always very confused when people from ethnic minorities claim to have fought for this country. Wasn't Hitler an even bigger threat to them than he was to us? So isn't it more valid to say that the British people fought for their freedoms rather than the reverse.

I remember an old Polish veteran (probably very brave man but that's not the point), who kept on saying: "I fought for this country". But surely Britain declared War on Germany (3rd Sept 1939) in support of Poland, after it had been invaded. So it must be more acrate to say the British people fought and died in defence of their freedoms.

Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...


It has always been my understanding that the wartime Poles of all arms weren't fighting for Britain - they were fighting for Poland and Britain was, at the time, the only place they were enabled to do this.

That is NOT a criticism of them - it's exactly what I would have done. It suited the Poles and it suited us.

Anonymous said...

BNP will get at least 3.5m results from that alone.
People saw left-leaning polichickens and an audiance that looked like a picture of a UN meeting gang up on 1 man.

They didn't attack the BNP but Nick... people saw that and thought, "that's what they did/do to me."

Roll on the GE, BNP just need to keep this up and who knows, maybe 5m will begin to see the bigger picture.

Anti-gag said...

Dear theluniticarms,

I'm afraid most people saw exactly what they were told they saw.

Sad, but for many true.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...
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Andy said...

Yup these idiots don't know nor understand the BNP are possibly the only party that has a properly constituted electoral base entirely consisting of the public. If we the people don't like the way he's doing, we walk.

Therefore so what if NG had/has views incompatible with the bastardisers? He's the chairman, not a despot.

That QT bunch of loons didn't seem to comprehend this because their "top brass" act as despots themselves.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...
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