Monday, 12 October 2009


What have Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw, John Reid, Mick Mc Gahey formerly of the miners union and Jack Jones (formerly of the TUC) in common? They are or were ex communists during the "Cold War" when The Soviet Union was our mortal enemy and indeed Jack Straw and even Harold Wilson had an MI5 file for potential subversion and Jack Jones, "one of the greatest trade unionists" some say, was a KGB agent.

I have no doubt our Party is under surveillance for "subversion", for that read patriotism as that is the new subversive activity. I am probably being watched. I hope I am as it will just waste their time as I have nothing to hide and I break no laws and have a clean police record
Who secured funding for a fundamentalist mosque in his costituencyfrom a foreign Islamic prince? Jack Straw.

Which murderers have friendly relations with the Labour Party? Those nice people Martin Mc Guinness and Gerry Adams of the IRA, the former of whom was invited to the same hotel at this year's Labour party conference?
Who was invited to the Houses of Parliament by the labour Party recently? Patrick Magee the man who planted the bomb.

What connects the above people?
They were all anti British and several of them murderers.
Who do these people refuse to share a stage with? on account of his views?
Nick Griffin of course.(I believe Jack Straw has now reluctantly agreed to debate with Nick on Question Time)
Nick's "crime"? To stick up for the British people, making his views "unacceptable".

A clearer demonstration of the anti British opinions of these people of influence and their murderous friends could not be found.

They are all frightened of the exposure of their anti British agenda.
It's just a pity many people as yet can not see it but we are growing and the TRUTH will always eventually win through.

Those who wish to destroy our country will NEVER prevail. We will see to that.

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