Wednesday, 16 September 2009



Now watch the Mohammedan infil-traitors run amok and throw hissy fits:
The Dutch Freedom Party leader proposes creation of a new ‘Head Scarf Tax.” During a debate on the state budget on wednesday, Wilders proposed an  initial 1000 euro annual Head Scarf tax.
“Those who want to wear a hijab, must first get a permit,” said Wilders.
The Freedom Party leader called the tax a “Head Rag Tax” (kopvoddentax). “Should we get it introduced, we would finally get some money back from Islam,” he said.  “The Mosques, headscarves, and long Muslim dresses pollute the streets of Netherlands.”
At last something that makes sense!

Why can’t I stop laughing?


phoenix said...

Head Scarf Tax, what an original and good idea. They could have as well a Big Nightshirt Payment.
Good luck Geert.?

British Lady :- nice to meet you tonight, the website you need is



Thanks for info.

Nice to put a face to a name, see you next time.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Big nightshirt payment - yes - we could call it the DISH-DASH DUTY.(maybe you need to be a middle-east veteran to understand that one)

Freeborn John said...

Head Rag Tax is a brilliant idea, there should be a similar scheme for those silly scarves the UAF claw hammer gang wear over their faces, it could be called Toe Rag Tax...

phoenix said...

Sorry Sir Henry, didn't quite get that, you can explain at next mmeting?
I just wanted more funds for
B.(ig) N.(ightwear) P.(ayment)

British Lady:- you are welcome. x

Sir Henry Morgan said...


I'll explain it now if you like.

Arabs call the big white tenty things they wear 'Thobes'. We expats used to call them 'Dish-dash'.

We also used to refer to Arabs as 'ragheads'.

Personally, I kinda like Arabs - in Arabland, that is.

phoenix said...

Thobes, thats what they are called, thought it was a table cloth or bed-sheet with a hole cut in. Whatever it is known as its not very 21st century, is it.? Thats the trouble the people who wear this, are still living in the 6th century, in dress, attitude and behaviour. We are allowing a third world mindset to colonise this Island.? and ultimately turn this once green and lush land into a wasteland. IT HAS TO STOP.? This country has to be left to our children in the condition it was left to us, by our forefathers..

bravewarrior said...

to the DR and Mr morg im selling burkhas black white blue one size fits all/ save money on scarf tax/desert sandals any size. Large tailed shirts buy two get a free cane to whack wife with. towels designed for head wear two colors white or off white! very sharp knives for beheading made in Pakistan super quality paid for by British taxes, price on inquiry.. have a good day! meeting was splendid!! T//lol