Monday, 7 September 2009


We had a really great day out yesterday in Leigh and watched them win in style against Whitehaven.
Unfortunately Leigh have nevertheless been relegated. If they had played as well as they did yesterday through the season they would have avoided this fate.

However the future beckons and I'm sure they will be promoted at the end of next season.

Knowing his strong support for his constituency I had hoped to see the esteemed MP and Health Secretary Andy Burnham at this vital match.
Alas he was nowhere to be seen.

Today when questioned about his absence on television while visiting a new NHS school academy in Wythenshaw (whatever that is),I believe he said that the people of Leigh must stick together.
He did not seem to show his feelings of solidarity yesterday as shown by his absence.

In reality I did not expect to see him. Leigh is just a meal ticket to him.
He has no real allegiance to the town. He could be representing any other until now safe seat. He is just a government lackey, allegiance to the Labour Party and himself but not the people.
I'll bet when election time comes he will be seen all over the town.
With luck it will be too late for him, a sham campaigner from a discredited government.

After the match we went to a club and were AMAZED at the support for the BNP there.

You'd better show your commitment to Leigh a bit more Mr Burnham or you may be in for a shock next year.

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