Monday, 14 September 2009


I watched part of the TUC conference on television today where they spent most of the morning attacking our Party. A strange priority for a union meeting I think.

I WAS PLEASED to see their concern about our Party. It shows how much we must be worrying them, and that they can see the threat to their well funded cabal posed by us. They would not have discussed us in such detail 5 years ago.

I WAS ANNOYED by many of the delegates speaking in foreign accents who had the gall to try and dictate which party British workers could join.

I WAS SHOCKED by their condemnation of the slogan "British Jobs For Brotish Workers" when in the past that was the main function of unions.

I WAS AMAZED that these people still blame us for violence and hooliganism when it all comes from their side, as shown by the plea from one delegate for help to disrupt our conference.

I WAS ASTONISHED at their claim to be fighting Fascism by advocating a Fascist method of denying our Party a platform and our members the right to work.

I WAS REASSURED by the low calibre of the delegates and the fact that we could beat any one of them in an argument (that is why they will not debate with us).

I WAS OVERJOYED by the worry of the NUJ delegate about the loss of jobs of these liars. Perhaps if they were more truthful they would sell more papers. Nobody believes them any more.

I WAS AMUSED by their faith that the Labour Government has time to destroy us before being kicked out and their belief that they have the support of most workers.

I WAS INVIGORATED in my determination to fight these dinosaurs (politically, not with claw hammers).

and I WAS REASSURED that these sheep knew so little of our plans.

We are better than them and they can huff and puff as much as they like but we will retake our country.
They are the past and we are the future AND I THINK SOME OF THEM KNOW IT!

How far the Trades Union Movement has sunk!


bravewarrior said...

three people i no personally at the tuc conference voted bnp and will do so again!

phoenix said...

I watched this pathetic excuse for a democratic meeting, when in fact it was a meeting of "fascists" "racists" and "bigots" who are hell bent on preventing a legal political party, who's views they dont agree with, from having any form of public debating platform.? THAT IS FASCISM.? If they don't agree, and wish to DEBATE against our views they have every right to do so.? THAT IS KNOWN, (for all those TUC "FASCISTS") AS DEMOCRACY.....Something they seem to have forgotten about in their haste to defeat and put down almost one million voters in this country, and are too quick to label "racist and fascist". In their haste they haven't realised that their very comments and actions are RACIST and FASCIST.?
They need to find out the MEANING of any word if they are going to use it.
They are being racist, as it is against the indigenous population who are predominantly white..
They are being fascist, as they don’t want to permit a political party to be heard ?..
They are being bigoted as they are not willing to listen to, or to allow any other viewpoint, except their own.?…

The three members that were there that "Bravewarrior" mentioned are excluded from the above comment.