Thursday, 3 September 2009


The news that the Party may be forced to change its constitution to include non Caucasians has caused a great deal of consternation which was of course the intention of the Equalities Commission.

The joy of that body in my opinion is premature.

They think our main opponents are black and asian people when in reality the people who are most against us and whom we must fight are the Marxist Left who under the guise of Common Purpose seek to destroy our country and subsume it into the grater Europe Fascist state.

One only has to note the colour of the scruffy demonstrators against our events to see that they are all (apart from ugly Weyman) white.
It seems that ethnics are not overly concerned by our constitution unless paid by the state.

So why is this requirement being imposed on our party?
Because the State is in fear of our progress.
It is said that ethnics could infiltrate our Party and take it over. A moments thought would show that white Brits could much more easily infiltrate us and they have done but have eventually been detected. How much more difficult therefore would it be for a black man to do so.

I know of several mixed race people, born in this country and believing in our ideals who wish to join the Party for the best of reasons but are prevented from doing so by our present rules. I have been told by Asians that they agree with our policies.

The main criterion for membership I believe is an acceptance of our policies and FULL integration into our way of life.
This would exclude muslims and people not born here.
The policies of the Party would not change nor would they need to. If anyone did not agree with our policies they would be expelled as is the case in other parties.

It would show that we are NOT a racist party and thus deprive the UAF of ammunition and show them up for what they are, anti British traitors.
I believe this ruling could be a blessing in disguise and gain us support, votes and money and lead us eventually to power which after all is the ultimate aim.

The" Law of Unintended Consequences "springs to mind. Remember the leaking of the list was meant to weaken us but we gained members after it.

Far from destroying us I think it will strengthen us in our fight to get rid of the other corrupt parties and unite all those who wish a better and more prosperous independent Britain.


Anonymous said...

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The WEP has reported the terrified
Nigirean Mother of 4 sons, who has been exposed in the UK as a false ayslan seeker.

The law has caught up with her, and that is correct.

How can the Comunity Action Party and local councilor defend her when she is a FRAUD AND ILLIGAL. ?

According to the GENEVA convention

anyone seeking asylam must seek it in the first country they land on how if we are an Island do we have any of these people ?

MANY wigan people have tried to voice their opinion on the local wep site but have been deleted by the left wing element who monitor the site, I do not blame the wep staff, the website is monitored by certain elements so i appeal to the good and gracious wigan people please post your opinions on our Wigan Patriot site.

John B said...

I absolutely agree with the post about the blessing in disguise. many Sikhs and Pakistani Christians are viciously attacked by Muslims and would back the BNP if they got a chance. Also it is important to realize that almost no one in the BNP realistically thinks that the UK can Return to an all white nation. The realistic goals can now be achieved in a more rapid fashion. (1) out of the EU
(2) a halt to immigration
(3) illegal immigrants removed
(4)criminal immigrants repatriated
(5) Bankster assets siezed
(6) UK industries funded
(7) foreign job seekers on a quid pro quo basis
(8) socialist nanny staste dimantled
(9) workfare not welfare
(10) schools returned to former methods and standards of execellence
(11) Yobs terrorizing sink estates and community centres put on chain gangs
(12) Britrail restored and upgraded
(13) NHS restored.
(14) payments to pentioners improved

Old Holborn said...


Sounds very authoritarian to me. And very "Soviet".

Lanky Patriot said...

John B I agree with you in your first 4 points but after I think you are a bit too extreme.
I do not agree with any one's assets being seized.I believe that incompetent bankers should be allowed to go broke and guarantee the assets/ savings of people and businesses.
I think the state should set up a parallell bank untainted by the casino methods of the present banks.Money could be lent to businesses and people at fair rates and help the economy.
I believe in a safety net for those unfortunate enough to have no job but yes they should contribute in some way by work if they are able. There is much which needs to be done but care should be taken that this is extra work and does not put others on the dole.
I've no problem with making our schools once more centres of proper excellence and teaching subjects vital for our country's future and not irrelevant subjects such as dance, drama and media studies.
I do not like the idea of chain gangs. A few strokes of the birch would sort them out and put them on the right track and show that crime does not pay.
Otherwise I have no great problem with your stated remedies.

MY IDEA FOR THE DRUG PROBLEM.(This is just an idea and not party policy)
Make all drugs free on the NHS and thus remove the profit motive for pushing them.
Make drug taking a serious crime with a mandatory prison sentence with "cold turkey" as a treatment.
I think the drug problem is encouraged by the profit motive of the pushers. Remove that and you remove the problem.

This is just an idea.
What do you think?

Jim said...

Fiat Money ...Bad drives out Good...Discuss :-)

BNP not for me is Socialist innit ;-)

Part of the scam Borg

wv = sciam...true, how I laughed :-)