Sunday, 9 August 2009


Now I'm not against Bikers but it does seem we have double standards here. At their get together where drugs are peddled and the police have asked to be shut down they are allowed caravans.

The chief of Warwickshire county council opened the proceedings which were complete with a stage, lap dancers and "the distinct smell of cannibis" in the main tent said the police were over reacting. He said it was good for the local economy.
So would we be for Codnor and Ripley if we were allowed but the local council caravan ban will hinder that somewhat.
I can understand the police worry as in the past there have been violent clashed with rival groups and a shooting following last year's motorbike fest.

Our subdued drug free fest is not even allowed a drink licence let alone a stage with live music.
The only need for the police is to protect our event from the Cameron supported UAF which is bent on causing disruption as they did last night in Birmingham.

Violence at our do would not be tolerated indeed the site will be the safest in the country,(unless invaded by the UAF in which case expect heavy casualties on their side).

Another example of "Big Brother" more frightened of the party speaking the truth about our country than violence.


Whatever they do they will not stop our struggle for freedom of assembly and speech.

We only demand what others have.


Bertie_Bert said...

Nick Griffin, the Chairman of the British National Party recently elected to
the European Parliament, appears on the conservative Political Cesspool
Radio Show Saturday, August 8, at 6:00 PM CS...






stephen said...

Maths lecturers at Wigan college have been instructed not to use dice for mathematical modelling for probability theory because it offends some religions!!! I wonder which ???