Monday, 10 August 2009



Leave the M6 at J 16 and follow the A 500 to Stoke.
Turn Left at Stoke to Uttoxeter on A 50 (look for large chimneyand keep in Left lane before it)
Pass Britannia Stadium on A 50 and keep on this road until you meet the A 38 near the Toyota factory.
Take the A 38 North.

Leave the A 38 at A 610 Ripley sign. Go under the bridge , over the first roundabout Right at the next and left after the third 200 yards after the second.
Keep on the A 610 to trafic lights and turn Right on to the A 6007.
Go down the hill and when it rises look for a church on the Right with a thermometer in front showing money raised.
Turn Right into Codnor Denby Lane just before the church.
Go past the houses and about 600 yards past is the site entrance on the Right.
If possible go on Friday or early Saturday. as mid Saturday morning the Ripley/Codnor town centre will be full of red thugs. If you are early enough you will avoid them

For those with Sat nav there is another way.
Turn off the A 38 earlier at the Belper sign, but this involves a very narrow road with cars parked on one side and difficult to pass. It is shorter if cars are not coming the other way.
The post code is DE5 8 PT.

I urge all who can to come and enjoy this get together with like minded patriots.
I have been to the last 6 and would not miss this event for anything.

Estimated journey time 2 hours, 90 miles approx.



Police to clamp down on anti-BNP protesters

Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:22pm BST

Hundreds of protesters planning to march against the British National Party's summer festival on Saturday face possible arrest if they come within five miles of the annual event in Derbyshire, police said on Monday.

The local council and police have invoked the 1986 Public Order Act to prevent protesters disrupting the event after dozens of anti-BNP demonstrators were arrested last year.

"We are expecting a lot of people to come to this part of Derbyshire both to attend the Red, White and Blue event and also to protest against it," Acting Assistant Chief Constable of Derbyshire Police Steve Cotterill said.

"We have used the Public Order Act to impose a number of conditions on the protest. These will stipulate designated points of assembly, protest and times of protest. We do not invoke such legislation lightly."

Protesters, who police said numbered 700-1,000 last year, will be banned from congregating within five miles of the event being held on private land, except during a police controlled march past the site.

The move comes after clashes between far-right protesters and Unite Against Fascism activists in nearby Birmingham on Saturday, with the UAF expecting at least 400 of its activists to descend on the BNP gathering near Codnor.

The UAF says it wants to disrupt the first BNP annual gathering since its leader Nick Griffin was elected to the European Parliament on an anti-immigration platform in June.

"We want to make their event a disaster.,"" Union Against Fascism joint secretary Weyman Bennett told Reuters.

A spokesman for the BNP said the party's annual event passed largely unnoticed in its first year at the site two years ago and that the party expected 1,500-2,000 to attend this year.

(Reporting by Daniel Fineren;)


ARE THEY REALISING THE WILL OF THE BRITISH, we will NOT be defeated by reds.


phoenix said...

British lady, Good article, I hope you are right and there is an exclusion order except for the permitted protest.
The chief barm-pot Weybridge Outhouse, has made the comment below.? Is that not incitement to civil-disorder or hatred or fascism or something.?
Isn't it a statement of INTENT.?

"We want to make their event a disaster.,""
Union Against Fascism joint secretary Weyman Bennett told Reuters.

We have to rise above these bigoted fascist's. Let them do their worst, we will just carry on enjoying the weekend and trust the police and the private security will be vigilant and not allow any of these mindless sheep to gain entry to the private function. Mind you if they do get through, I have a border collie who's main function is getting any flocking sheep that wander back in their pen's It'll just be a workout for him..?
In all seriousness hope you will be going. This is our first time and we are looking forward to it.?


HI phoenix

We'll be there we have a yellow Lab, so we will probley spot each other via,
our Dogs, they have a Dog Show.

In fact Children, Dogs, old and young, smokers and everyone all are like a big Family, and welcome.

Our second time, a real good' Family outing you will enjoy it.
The Police and our men will look after us.
We just need the sun.

phoenix said...

British lady, very sorry for not answering before now, but with one thing and another.?
What a fantastic weekend it was, and we did get the sun, not fantasticly hot but it was great never the less....
Very sorry we didn't get to meet, but maybe next time. We are with the northwest group. The area that has an M.E.P. yeah.? Will without doubt be at the next R/W/B wherever they hold it.? It was a terrific time, and the atmosphere was brilliant. As for the nutters outside, hardly knew they were there......but for the smell wafting across the field.
Take care, and dont let the b------s get you down....