Wednesday, 1 July 2009


So Wigan Metro are proposing to build nearly 300 flats (sorry apartments) in the old Rylands Mill.

Where is the need for all these "apartments" which will be in addition to the massive building complex round Trencherfield Mill? What about the congestion of the town centre caused by all these extra people.
The planner Mr Dickman, make of that what you will says provision will be provided for parking for 55% of the residents and that should be adequate as the building is close to the town centre.

Does Mr Dick**** not realise everybody does not necessarily want to go to the centre of Wigan. Also if they have to travel to say Manchester the trains are already overcrowded with no prospect of improvement as stated in the press today.

I'll bet Mr Dickman has at least one car at his house and probably more, but he feels it OK to deprive others of that option.

In addition a new proposal was discussed at a public meeting in Kitt Green today. This is for new industrial building in the remaining Green Belt and surprise surprise more houses.
No doubt the meeting will be merely a sop to the community and be rubber stamped by the council.

Now I am all in favour of people having decent houses but when good council houses (with gardens tended by the Metro) are allocated to immigrants all over the area, while locals wait for accomodation, it seems that the quality of our town and people is of secondary importance to PC and big money. New cycle lanes will be created. That will do a lot of good for traffic flow.

Also with so many empty industrial units in the area and many "Brown Field" sites available the Kitt Green is another example of "The little people" ie us being ignored.

Big business and PC is at the back of this and not the interests of Wiganers.

Councillor Prescott's view that all this building will create jobs is correct, in the short term.
But is it worth destroying our town and what little open space we have for that.

If the council adopted the slogan "Wigan Jobs for Wigan Workers" perhaps the problem of house and job availability would be solved without destroying our town.


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