Sunday, 12 July 2009


Nick Griffin's first interview on the Andrew Marr show was excellent.
Nick answered the questions easily and refuted many of the lies which are endlessly repeated in the media. He was more than a match for Marr as he is for any interviewer. You can not get behind a man who speaks the truth, a rarety among politicians.

Nick's answers were slick and a bit hurried but accurate. We only found the answer later.
I watch the Andrew Marr show every Sunday and enjoy the newspaper reviews. This time they seemed to go on endlessly discussing important topics such as Michael Jackson, lasting twice as long as usual.
It was only this afternoon I found out why.

The BBC felt bound to give Nick a platform but did not want it to last too long which would have enabled him to state more of our policies which would have resonated with viewers and gained us support.
Thus the BBC adhered to its word in name but shortened it to reduce its impact.
Nevertheless the interview will enrage the thugs of the far left. It was worth it just for that.
More importantly it will have shown Nick as an intelligent man of integrity and will have gained us many friends in spite of the shortness of the interview.

For those who missed it the link is below.


phoenix said...

Didn't know he was on this morning, but thanks for the link. Have watched it a few times and each time he seems to get better. He comes across as a intelligent honest and truthful....
I thought Andrew Marr treated him with a level of respect he hasn't had from anyone else.....

Anti-gag said...

Although I am not Mr Griffin's biggest fan, there is one thing that even I cannot deny, he is without doubt simply superb on the television.
Now if only his management skills were as good as his public persona the British National Party would be unstoppable.

Chris Hill

Andy said...

Well done Andrew Marr. A media hero!

A most enjoyable interview.

red said...

I think the lot of you are bonkers!

red said...

No Pasaran to fascist scum!

red said...

Bonkers FM!!!!! lol

phoenix said...

Whats up RED can't you take the truth.? You, UAF scumbag.

Anonymous said...

The more the people get to see the REAL Nick Griffin and the BNP agenda, the more people are realising just how the Press and media have lied.

Nick Griffin TV and BNP TV, they
are sleek and informative we do not need the BBC, with their lies and bias.

The truth is out.

Problem with red, he has a very

limited grasp of the English

language, sad really.

Lanky Patriot said...

It's nice to have an intellectual conversation with Red.
His arguments show his depth of reasoning and I am sure will convince many people to accept his point of view.
I have to accept I can not argue against your well expressed points of view.
I may as well try to teach a pig how to read as reason with Red. I'm not sure who has the most brains, him or the pig. The grunts of the pig certainly made more sense.

Andy said...

rEDs cries, are the cries of a loser to everything. The only way to hurt someone who has lost everything would be to give him something back.... broken.

Anyway, I'm glad rED is learning Portuguese. Pasaran to him. It will be.