Thursday, 16 July 2009


The above is the link to Nick Griffin's maiden speech in the European Parliament.
It was fantastic, short and to the point.

My wife often asks me do I write his speeches. It seems like it but I dont but he says exactly what I said on a blog a few days ago.
His bringing into the short time allotted to him the fascistic attacks on democracy by hammer wielding thugs sponsored by the Tories and Labour Parties brings in to the open in Europe the democracy deficiency in Britain.

His warning about the West's belligerence to the admittedly undemocratic country of Iran is timely, and his wish that we are not drawn into unwinnable wars against muslim countries is sensible.
Only today we read in the papers of Israeli missile bearing submarines transiting the Suez canal ready to attack Iran.

Now I don't like the regime in Iran but I don't want our country to be drawn into any conflict between Israel and that country.
The odds are that Israel will attack the nuclear facilities in Iran as they have done in Iraq and Syria, but we should not be drawn into it.

Nick is right. We are not the world's policeman and should keep out of any conflict. As he said if the politicians think fighting is a good thing they should send their family
He also in his speech gives the lie to those who say our party is against muslims.

We are NOT but they have their countries and way of life and we have ours. They don't want our ways and we don't want theirs.
We should both keep our noses out of other countries business


Bertie_Bert said...

Morvai Krisztina Jobbik BNP Nick Griffin. Attacks on nationalist party's ignored by the media and EU. Whilst at the same time the media and EU (quite rightly) condemn Iran for its human rights abuses on opposition political party's.

Anti-gag said...

Good Video, now how about letting us have some clips of the last Wigan meeting.

Chris Hill