Monday, 6 July 2009


I see our illustrious Andy Burnham and McCartney are involved in a homeless initiative in Wigan to tackle these issues in Wigan.

They say they will work with "Asylum seekers, travellers, Eastern European migrants and drug users" and advise them on health issues and drug abuse.
Once again they get the wrong end of the stick, perhaps why their policies have been so disastrous in the past.

First of all there is no such person as an asylum seeker as they have all travelled over several safe countries to get here, and are bound by the Geneva Convention to remain in the first safe country they get to.
Secondly "Travellers" are by defintition are on the move, hence the name and should thus have their own travelling accomodation. They are certainly not Wigan's problem.

Eastern European migrants are the same. Why should Wiganers sleep on the street while they live in houses.
Druggies are a product of inadequate policing and penalties for pushers and should be taken in for "Cold Turkey".

Hundreds of decent Wiganers, hard working taxpayers can not get accomodation because of marital breakup and draconian laws.
Our duty as a community should give priority in housing to these our brothers.
The others have nothing to do with us and should not have priority while one genuine Wiganer is homeless.

One matter these paragons of virtue our MPs do not mention, houses. They talk about "health" and "alcoholism" and "drugs".
What good is that if there are no houses?

TYPICAL LABOUR, ALL TALK AND NO MEANINGFUL ACTION but no doubt great expense. Put the money into social housing and less on "initiatives"

But then there would be enough houses in the town if all these people who do not belong were not here.

We are encouraged to welcome these outsiders EVEN WHEN OUR OWN CAN NOT GET HOUSES.




phoenix said...

It is an outrage and a total failure of this and previous governments, to not give their full attention to the HOMELESS.? That is the, "Indigenous", HOMELESS...
Until our own have been taken care of TOTALLY, That will never be, as there is always some indigenous family that will require a home. Then and ONLY then should consideration be given to others.? "Charity, help and assistance BEGINS at home",

Andrew said...

Listening on Radio four this morning they actually gave the game away about immigrants not taking council houses. These stats were taken off 'works and pensions'. They are working immigrants!

Have they repaired that block of flats those Kosovan "refugees" blew up yet?

red said...

Sinking people at sea!!! your fuhrer has come out with his true values. Do you still support this NAZI? come on wigan and leigh he has shown his true colours. My bet is that you do support him. How stupid are you? or discriminatory?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

What's so shocking about that Mr(R)Ed?

Didn't the Australian government actually launch their own naval vessels to cut off unwanted migrants a year or so ago, with the threat to blow them out of the water if they came an inch nearer to the Australian coastline?

Anyway Mr(R)Ed heres what Mr Griffin had to say:

"The EU should sink boats carrying illegal immigrants to prevent them entering Europe, British National Party leader Nick Griffin has told the BBC.
The MEP for the North-West of England said the EU had to get "very tough" with migrants from sub-Saharan Africa.
Pressed on what should happen to those on board, he said: "Throw them a life raft and they can go back to Libya".
Libya has long been a staging post for migrants from Egypt and sub-Saharan Africa wanting to reach Europe."

Anonymous said...

Are any of you kind hearted
Liberals able to say just how many
migrants from sub-Saharan Africa,
Europe can reasonably expected to welcome ?

Just How many is the UK expected to take, house, educate and provide welfare and education to ?

Your type NEVER give a reply to these questions.

Why should our Troops be fighting an illigal war, whilst thousands
of immigrants from these Counrtys arrive here in the UK and get provided with houses, healthcare etc, yet when our Troops leave the Forces they are treated in a disgraceful way.

This Country should not be responsible for housing and the welfare of the world.

Bring our Troops home, and keep our
Trrops on our Borders to keep these invaders out.

Anti-gag said...

Griffin clearly did not mean to suggest that boats should be sunk with their passengers and crew on board.

We should remember that these vessels are engaging in criminal activities for profit, so surely it's must be right to remove the tools (ie in this case their boats) from the criminals. If the police catch a burglar in the act, do they return his house braking tools to him*? So why should these fat cat people traffickers (gang leaders) get to keep the equipment needed for their criminal activities?

Having said all that Griffin should have made it clear that the international law of the sea (and common humanity), requires that the passengers and crew are safely returned to the land from whence they came. Or better still in the case of the captain prosecuted for his crime in that country.

Chris Hill

*OK in our mad country they probably do return his tools(human rights and all that) but they shouldn't.