Wednesday, 29 July 2009


As the pictures show we had yet another excellent meeting last night. The pictures below were taken during the interval and shows small parties of "BNP thugs" enjoying a chat and a pint

The star attraction of course was our Chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP and the combination of his attendance and the excellence of the venue drew a crowd counted at 240.
Not bad for a political meeting!
How long is it since a Labour Party meeting had so many attendees.
Nick walked into the room to tumultuous applause and was almost engulfed by people wanting to shake his hand or have their photos taken with him
Perhaps 70 had never attended a BNP meeting before and were impressed by the general friendly civilised atmosphere and of course the quality of Nick's speech. I've had e mails today saying what a good night it was, social as well as political.
He touched on many topics but one of the main ones was that the media barons, pehaps a dozen people control all the information people receive and thus politicians must pay homage to them. This is one reason why they are so universally hostile to our party. They will speak with terrorists, murderers, traitors but refuse to share a platform with us.
Another reason they will not debate with us is that they know we would win the debate.
He said that to have won two MEPs in the face of the continual barrage of lies was a credit to all the activists who had worked so hard.
A member pointed out that only our party depended on the contributions from ordinary members. We have no mega rich benefactors or unions fleecing their members for the Labour Party.
Nick pointed out that even if somebody offered a large sum of money to change our policy, as is the case in other parties we would refuse it.
We have learnt from the smear leaflets put out by other parties against us. Our advice is "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones"
Also mentioned was the importance of attending the RWB festival.
The local council has slapped an order on us banning caravans from the field in a particularly vindictive way. This is presumably because the rabble of the Left vandalised the local villages last time. Many were arrested. No BNP members were arrested but the local council TRIED to make us suffer.
It seems OK for drug fuelled festivals such as Glastonbury to take place (I wonder what the locals think about that), attended by ageing "rebels" from the BBC drinking Champagne at our expense but 50 caravans in a quiet field 600 yards off a country lane is too much to tolerate.
I wonder whether we will be done for having an illegal Punch and Judy show this time.
Well I have a ventrioquist's dummy and I will take that and see if they try to do me for unlicenced entertaining. It could be interesting.
Well they will not as we will take caravans to other sites and subsidise the cost.
All in all the best ever North West meeting which ended with three cheers for our Chairman Mr Nick Griffin MEP.
How do we follow that?


phoenix said...

I have been to about 4 or 5 meetings and can say that this has been the best so far, the atmosphere was tremendous. As Mr Griffin walked in there was a spontaneous applause, and rightly so. This is the first time I have been able to be in the same room as Nick and found the talk he gave very illuminating and inspiring. The thing that impressed me the most was the HONESTY and SINCERITY of the man. Honesty and sincerity are two words that can not be applied to ANY OTHER politician in this country.
Although I am a late comer to the British National Party,I am proud to be a member of the only britsh party THAT TELLS THE TRUTH, and to hell with the consequences. Mr Griffin M.E.P. is not afraid to say what others don't want to hear. They are concerned he will "upset the apple cart" the fact they are trying to stop and confront us at every corner is in itself proof that he and the British National Party, are doing things RIGHT.?
For people who believe what the british press and media allow them to know?..... ALL I CAN SAY IS PLEASE, PLEASE Don't let the press and media lead you up the garden path, find out the FACTS about the British National Party for yourself, you will see then who the real thugs and who the real political traitors really are. The only HONEST politicians, and the ones who are not afraid to speak out in this country, are those associated with the British National Party.

red said...

240? what school did you go to then? ha ha xxx

Lanky Patriot said...

I didn't need to go to school for that fact. Even a thickie like you could have understood.
The owner of the club counted them in.
He, unlike you is a successful man.
You and your ilk are losers.

red said...


red said...


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...


It seems your persistent rant that we in the BNP are all Nazi's and scum is having a very POSITIVE effect, I'm pleased to say.

From humble backroom pubs, with 30-40 attendee's to uptairs function rooms with 40-70 attending now we are using halls to accomodate 70-240 and all this within a twelve month period!

So, which one of us is lying Mr(R)Ed, and which one of us is telling the absolute truth?

It seems to me that the pictures of our meeting on Tuesday, is proof enough!

Now why don't you run along, there's a good little boy....girl....Bi-sexual....transexual (sorry, transgender) even a Tara...anyway, whoever or whatever you may be?

But, thank you once again Mr(R)Ed.

red said...


Andy said...

red, you are an arse in every sense of the word.

red, parasan.

Not "No parasan" you uneducated clown.