Sunday, 26 July 2009


Our illustrious Wigan MP pictured above, (I bet you have never heard of anything he has done for Wigan) is doing his best to combat global warming by flying to the South Pacific on a £ 3,400 business class trip to "exotic spots around the region"
The purpose of the trip it is stated is to "promote the advancement of Parliamentary democracy and understanding of democratic governance".
They will fly to Fiji from where they will take connecting flights to Kiribati (no I have never heard of it either) and then on to Tonga where older people remember at the Queen's coronation they sent their pleasant queen to the ceremonies. I believe they are a happy race, possibly a bit overweight owing to their love of pig meat, in many ways a suitable refuelling stop for our MP.
From there on to Tuvalu and then to Vanuatu before returning to London.
I would have thought that these exotic island communities would have worked out a political system suitable to their needs without advice from people such as Mr Turner, a member of a party which refuses to condemn hammer attacks against political opponents. They have surely nothing to learn from the anti democratic Labour Party which has all but abolished the right to free speech in this country.
I am sure the people of Wigan, stuck in traffic jams,unable to get housing owing to immigrants being given preference, or waiting in Brocol House for their dole, having been made unemployed by the policies of his government, appreciate Mr Turner's efforts on their behalf.
BTW the picture above was taken from the website "They work for you",
It's good to know Mr Turner is always "working for Wiganers".
We are indeed fortunate in having an MP who works for us 12 months a year,(and it's all "within the rules").

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Mr Commonsense said...

Look up his voting record.Strong on gay support and the iraq war.strongly against an inquiry into this fraudelent war.