Monday, 15 June 2009


Question? Who would you trust to run our country?

The man below who wins 130,000 votes in the North West in spite of a concerted campaign by the media of half truths and usually downright lies.

A man when, after being elected is attacked by thugs when he tries to hold a press conference in a so called free country

Or this man below subsidised to thwart free speech and who advocates violence against an elected MEP.

This man has been given a platform in "The Times" to spout his vile hate filled invective, lies and incitement to violence. A man of no merit at all who scratches a living, subsidised by the far Left enemies of Britain and by his own admission does not believe in democracy for those with whom he disagrees.

Cambridge law graduate Nick Griffin is given no right of reply in the press.
Mr Bennett will not debate with Mr Griffin. Do you wonder why? Nick would bury him as Simon Darby did on a radio talk in.

The fact that Nick Griffin has a glass eye is mocked in the press, as if a visual disability had any bearing on his undoubted ability.

Can you not see Weyman that you are being used by the "Establishment" to destroy this country? Perhaps you are too thick. Perhaps that's what you want.

Nick Griffin is an intellectual giant, unlike you. You are an intellectual minnow, and while we are on about Nick's glass eye he is, in spite of it good looking and you are ugly, very ugly.




red said...

I didn't think you could go any lower with your comments. You just have.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Redscum - One of these days we're going to find you. Then we're going to pull your foreskin over your head and knock you so far into the ground you'll look like a mushroom.

I, personally, am getting rather tired of you. If you disagree so strongly with us, put forward a program of government then put yourself up against us for election.

Oh, and Charles may not be able to go lower than that, but I've lived a far rougher life, and I most certainly can if I ever choose to.

red said...

well you are showing your true colours now.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Not red, anyway.

Who attacks people with hammers?

Who disrupts press conferences by throwing eggs and assaulting with banners?

Our supporters? Or yours?

Go away you pathetic little slug.

Lanky Patriot said...

I pride myself on my insult throwing. It's easy with people like you because mine are true and yours are false. Your infantile insults and rants are therefore water off a ducks back.

red said...

true colours indeed one thinks

Sir Henry Morgan said...

One thinks ...

... and 59,999,999 other ones think differently.

red said...

you are showing what you are really like on here. we always knew.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

So red, tell us - what ARE we really like? It should be easy enough if you always knew.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Red - here's what Antifa thinks of Weyman (Gordon) Bennett


Sir Henry Morgan said...

" Bennett is an opportunist and an outright liar.

As a member of the Socialist Workers Party, who have a history of 'self declared leadership' of popular struggles this is hardly surprising."

The utter contempt for Bennett and the SWP is plain as day. At least as contemptuous of you as we are.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Red - doesn't matter where you go, or what you do or say, you come across as such fools that you always do us far more good than harm. Just like you and your cretinous comments here

As Antifa says - stay away.

Abu Abdullah said...

Cambridge law graduate Nick Griffin is given no right of reply in the press.

The corporate media are PRIVATE properties. There is no RIGHT of reply, just as your neighbors have no RIGHT to use your private car as a taxi. That's why the BNP must set up its own mouthpiece to put its views across to the public.

The BNP's using the Internet to do that is a very shrewd move. Not only is it cost effective and has a global reach, it is at the same time a good way to recruit the youngsters whom the BNP needs for its continuity.

red said...

why should a nazi be given a right to reply in the press? i dont think so!

Lanky Patriot said...

Wasn't thick Weybum the man who told all the Jews to go back to New York?
What a Nazi.