Friday, 26 June 2009


A fantastic election victory celebratory meeting was held at our new venue in Hindley Green last night when an audience of 130 attended.
After discussion and analysis of the election results awards were given for "Best Activist".

Henry Morgan won the best "Cyber Activist" award, well deserved for his successful efforts in the local press and of course on this blog where his arguments have defeated those of his opponents.

Tony Grime and Chris Boland jointly won "Best Leafletter "award for their hard work pounding the streets and "spreading the word"

Gary Ghadwick won "Best Local Activist" award for his initiative in giving the Party more prominence in Leigh and his work, with others fighting the Stalinist Wigan Metro who tried to take over "The Marsh Fields" which had been left to "The people of Leigh". Wigan Metro seemed to think that meant them. In this they were shown to be wrong.

Wigan Metro are not the people and they have no right to alter or dispose of assets left to the people.

"Best All Round Activist" was Ken Haslam who has brought many people into the Party as members in addition to leafletting and selling Voice of Freedom. The awards were followed by Leila Bentham who gave a short talk on the difference between Civic nationalism and True nationalism and showed that following the principles of the former would lead to the destruction of our people and way of life.

The main speaker was Arthur Kemp who really was at his best. People who had never been to a BNP meeting were enthralled by his eloquent description of the disasterous policies which are destroying our country, but reassured by his ideas of how our Party would redress all the wrongs inflicted on us.

His speech was followed by a question and answer session which lasted until after 11 pm, a demonstration of the interest shown in our policies.

A great occasion was made even better by the identification of the hero who protected Tony Ward from even more severe injuries at the Leigh riot by the antidemocratic thugs of the far Left. He waded in to protect Tony from his 40 assailants saying "I'll go down with you lads".

Tony had wanted to meet him and buy him a drink but as Tony was not there he was given a bottle of whisky by a member.

Total takings were £320 which will go to Party funds and two applications for membership were received.

I feel really elated at the increased support at a hastily arranged meeting, especially since the paid thugs of the uaf could only muster half as many people outside our Blackpool meeting and they could draw on people from all over the country.

Today I have had much positive feed back.

There is no doubt that the BNP is becoming ever more welcome in Leigh in spite of the efforts of the thugs.

Things are really moving fast in spite of the efforts of antidemocrats to stop us. It's difficult for me as organiser to keep up with all the enquiries we are getting. 173 new ones came in yesterday. I must try to follow them up as soon as possible, so not much time in the sun for me this next week.


red said...

40 assailants ha ha ha jackanory jackanory jackanory. who believes this rubbish lol lol lol you talk absolute dross

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Even the Beeb said thirty, pal. And we know what the beeb are like at underplaying things when non-whites and/or leftards attack whites.

Gonna find out who you are one of these days ...

Lanky Patriot said...

A photo speaks louder than words.

Anti-gag said...

Hi Charles,

You said:
'A photo speaks louder than words.'

I say:
And videos speak even louder.

So please can you put some short clips of the speakers on this site, for those of us who couldn't make the meeting.

Well done Wigan BNP.

Chris Hill

bluenora11 said...

Well done to all at Wigan and Leigh branch, a very nice turnout.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I am not a betting man by rule, but, I do see Mr(R)Ed becoming a member of the British National Party within the next five years or so?

I think as soon as Mr(R)Ed leaves school and realises what awaits them in the "real" world they will eventually join the only political party that will look after their own and their family interests!

I say this as an observation of Mr(R)Ed's writings over the months that something in their (at present)psyche is definitely changing?

Can anyone else feel the change of Mr(R)Ed?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Yes Gary - I have detected a gradual change too. So he certainly has enough of a residual intelligence to be able to learn from things he reads, even if he doesn't realise it's happening to him.

I am trained in Psychology (to postgraduate level) so tend to notice these subtleties.

My brother in Australia, who works as a psychiatrist so is trained to detect subtle changes in a person's psychology, has recently said the same thing to me (he reads Wigan Patriot daily).

Note that a psychiatrist and a psychologist are not the same thing. Quite apart from a different approach to looking at human behaviour, to be a psychiatrist you first have to be a medical doctor (prescribing drugs is involved - something a psychologist would generally not approve of)

We will eventually be welcoming Red as a new member, and we may not have to wait for as long as five years..

phoenix said...

Morg, My wife and I, and two new members who came for the first time were at the meeting the other night. It was a tremendous success. What a speaker Arthur Kemp is he could change the mind of any reasonable person, with his calm collected, chronological way of explaining the depressive plight and scenario we find ourselves in....
He could convince anyone with half a brain...(That rules RED out then.) But what a great night and here's to bigger and better in the future...

red said...

I think a mental health assessment on the lot of you is what is needed. The untruths recorded on here have to be read to beieved,the dross and vile spouted is stomach turning. nothing has changed in my evaluation of you. you are NAZI SCUM simples!

phoenix said...

Red, you are so wrong.?

WHO was it that destroyed a vehicle and trailer in Leigh.?
WHO was it that smashed a cameraman's head in with a CLAW HAMMER, Lucky the attacker didn't kill him.?
WHO was it that throw eggs and kicked out at democratically ELECTED M.E.Ps in London.?

It was a group by the name of United AGAINST Fascism.

Winston Churchill said at the end of the second world war
"When FASCISM returns, it will return in the guise of ANTI-FASCISM".?

He never said truer words.?

Anonymous said...


Welcome on board !

Now you have seen the TRUE BNP

I bet you feel like other BNPs

there are people out there who
have the same morals, values and opinions as your self - the BNP is like an extended Family.

Arthur Kemp is a genuine man,
of truth and straight talking.

When you see Nick Griffin speak

live with no notes, you really

will see the Truth - with your own eyes and ears.

Nick is a true Patriot and Nationalist and genuine human being, who loves and cares for ouR Land.

Visit Nick Griffin TV via the main BNP website, it will give you a boost - we are the only FUTURE

Anonymous said...


not the bottle to show his profile,

says it all, a brainwashed clone.

Anonymous said...

Leila Bentham,

well done, young Lady,

a credit to our younger folk.

Young people hold this Lands future

in their hands.

red said...

yawn yawn yawn british lady. have your DNA checked. I dare you.