Thursday, 14 May 2009


On St George's Day a "debate" took place at Winstanley College the topic of which was,

"On the importance of defeating the British National Party and reclaiming patriotism from the racists on St George's Day".

Speaking in favour of the motion was the vicar of St John's Pemberton who after speaking on the subject left the topic altogether by droning on about his support for gay marriage.

The title alone gives a flavour of what was to follow and the term "debate" is a misnomer as little debate was allowed, and instead the students were subjected to one of the most blatant brainwashing events I have heard of.

The few brave unbrainwashed students who attempted to engage in debate with were not allowed to fully put their questions. Of course this is par for the course with the left and especially the clergy who are used to preaching to the converted in church where challenges to their authoritan wisdom are not allowed.

This unloved and unrespected leader of a declining congregation recently refused to baptise a Downs Syndrome child in case she disrupted the service. Not much Christianity there then.

He freely admitted to being at the riot when one of our activists was attacked with a hammer but he blamed "the socialists",(nothing to do with me mister), and said his protest was peaceful.

This begs the question of why he felt justified in protesting against a private meeting, just because he did not agree with the views of those inside.
How would he react if the situation was reversed and an anti Christian group protested outside his church?

He should support the values of his declining church instead of "peacefully" protesting against a legitimate political party holding a private meeting.

He will not share a platform with us but is prepared to be associated with claw hammer wielding thugs.
This brainwashing "man of the cloth" was assisted by Mr M Kavanagh a politics and law lecturer who said that as he had an Irish name the BNP would deport him to Ireland (I must warn our super activists Tommy Kavanagh and Eddie O' Sullivan the danger they are in and so should the student who informed me of this farce who is also of Irish descent).

That statement is a downright lie and as a politics lecturer he should know it. If he does not he has no right teaching politics.
Either a liar or ignorant, or both he is not fit to be a teacher.

One of the people quoted in their moralistic arguments was Hazel Blears OUCH.

This farce of a debate shows the pernicious brainwashing taking place in our schools at our expense and the low calibre of the teachers and clergy.

The good news is that the more intelligent students are increasingly seeing the flaws in their arguments and are turning to us, as are the voters in spite of all the villification we have to endure and pay for.


Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...
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Anti-gag said...

Is it any wonder that the clergy engage in inflicting this type of indoctrination on young people. Religion itself has always relied on just such an indoctrination, of the young, to perpetuate its ridiculous beliefs down the ages. This New Labour Government has encouraged, and financed, faith schools which teach (in science classes!) that the earth is only 6000 years old, simply to secure the votes of the religious by gaining approval from the pulpit. And I'm not just talking about our muslim friends either, right wing creationist groups have also been supported by what Blair called his 'faith based initiative'. Labour simply doesn't care where its votes come from, or whose education it ruins, it just wants the votes.

Like religion the supposed none-political opposition to the BNP cannot allow any questioning of their dogma, in case it is shown up to be the nonsense it is. Questioning the faith (ie. the BNP are evil) is sacrilege and results in the perpetrator being ostracised. This is further enforced by the no platform policy, which prevents any logical rebuttal to their dogma. This is reminiscent of the old religious justification of not talking to non-believers of: 'The devil has all the best arguments, so it's sinful to sup with him'.

'Get them young, keep them brainwashed', our opponents really have learned from religion, which is exactly what you would expect from two ideologies relying on fairy tales and threats of violence* to keep the faithful brainwashed and in line.

Chris Hill

*And as has been shown recently in India and Saudi Arabia (for religion), and with the attack on Tony Ward (for UAF), they mean to enforce those threats against anyone questioning their dogma.