Sunday, 19 April 2009


Judging by the comments section of the paper, Phil Woollas has really shot himself in the foot by advising people to vote for any party but the BNP in his article in the Mail on Sunday.

He showed by his article that the other parties are all the same and therefore not fit to run this country, as it was their policies which got us into the mess in the first place.
He bemoanes that the BNP, if we obtain seats in the European parliament will get taxpayer funds, while not seeing the irony that if that is the case Labour has been drawing £millions from Europe for many years.

He also annoyed many people by presuming to tell people how to vote, but I suppose that is par for the course for Labour who seek to control every aspect of our lives.
Perhaps that is why they won't give us the promised referendum.
He claims to have seen our party off in Oldham. In your dreams son.
Yes we have been unable to capitalise fully on our early promise for a variety of reasons but not on account of you Mr Woolas and we have regrouped.

Derek Adam's 23% vote from nearby Moston from a standing start shows our growing strength in North Manchester and Oldham is not far away.
But we must not be complacent, nor are we.

We have had teams in several areas including central Wigan (thanks Morgan and Tony) and have met with a positive response, and we will be stepping up our efforts as much as possible with our available manpower.
At least this time we will not be restricted to the same extent as last time as donations and applications for membership are at an all time high.

Roll on June 4th.

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